March 13, 2013

Intro to Armada Anatomy

"We should start at Destiny's house then continue on from there." Delaney unlatched the gate [to Avery's Court] and let Juan through.
"You should see her new project. She was thinking of making a clockwork."
"I've heard about her ambitions before," Juan added. "Destiny would always be rummaging for spare parts to create her soldiers. Her biggest ambition was to eventually infiltrate the prison base." 
Delaney Finch and Juan Costa, A Survivor's Word  by D.S. Devereaux (This is actually the rough, rough draft. This has been posted to the P101 site - an edited and cleaner version.) 
         Tell me, pirates - What are made from piano strings and balsa wood, molded with brass and switches that wind themselves? Who guards a land closed off to all adventurers looking for short sailing, that can appear as they please - the ones that threaten the greatest assets of the Syndicate and can fool Fin Dorsal?
         The Armada, the Armada is who!

They arrive in numbers, multiplying as time ticks on. Their troops divide into every corner of every path that they walk, and those belonging to Kane's Court take out the remainder of those who survive the initial attacks. However, math will simply scare us if we want to thwart the Armada. Quick, to the tavern! A lesson on Clockwork Anatomy has surfaced!
Blind Mew said this, on the P101 messageboards:
7. There are some big differences, primarily in materials and power source - the Dogs favor steel and steam, while the Armada are much lighter - brass and balsa wood and piano wire. They seem to wind themselves as they move - some kind of perpetual motion that has the best Marleybonean engineers baffled. I've always suspected the the Dogs of Marleybone developed their golems as a response to the Armada Clockworks - an attempt to imitate and one-up the technology to deny Valencia a strategic advantage. The Armada are much more reliable... for now, at least.
In this post series, this quote acts as a course for what is to come. What of the Dogs, and their relationship? Balsa wood - an unspoken element in game, yet a component in the conflict? What about the piano strings and the winding? Could these facts alone lead us to bits of the storyline that are hidden or even to be revealed? What I hope to cover is identifying the clockworks' anatomies and how they vary from form to form. Why do they arrive in such numbers, and more importantly, how? Does the assembly line of clockworks, or the location moreof, create a target for our pirates to strike? Find it all out in Armada Anatomy 101!

Keep Traveling!

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