March 20, 2013

Chess and the Armada pt. IV - The Power of the Pawns

Good morning, everyone! If you were online last night, whether on Gmail or Pirate101, then you know just how excited I am for the weekend!
Enough about me, though - the post series is back! After I looked at the popularity of my last chess post (ranking highly on my all-time most-viewed posts), I decided that I would, in one way or another, bring Chess and the Armada back.

While I was posting on this topic originally, I was chatting around on the Pirate101 messageboards. If you're a member, check them out! There are all sorts of interesting topics there that I like to respond to. While I'm not a frequent poster, I've been chilling out on a thread recently about Armada theorycrafting. While this information and those kinds of ideas were necessary for my fan-fiction, I started to look into what was said about the clockworks and why it made the pawns so important on either side.


In chess, a pawn is an option for a starting move, next to a jumping knight. They can move two squares ahead on their first turns and one square afterwards. Pawns can only remain in the same column until it is in check with a piece diagonally. If the chance is obtained, then pawns can take them out by moving accordingly. There are more pawns than any other pieces as they are so vulnerable.

Clockwork Pawns

Putting the Court in mind, the pawns of the clockworks would be the randomly named machines that wander several areas and assist the Court in the PC-obtaining operations and such. Militius, Presidius, and the rest of them - they walk the streets and act as the majority of the Armada.

However, it must be realized that these clockworks are capable of defeating pirates as well, just as pawns are. They may be in large numbers and are capable of surrounding and overwhelming a character. Yet, we face so many at a time and can defend ourselves. While the meaning of this will be addressed in another post, I wanted to introduce one more scenario:

Consider this: like in the storyline, you and your crew are the only pirates who have been given the assignment to thwart the Armada. There are only so many of you, and ideally you are all equally powered. You have a few friends from around the Spiral (as in the NPCs) willing to lend a hand as needed. Could they be interpreted as other pieces? To find out, check back at Travels soon for the next segment of Chess and the Armada!

Keep Traveling!

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