Camp NaNoWriMo, and Other Plans

Ahoy! Sorry for the post shortage, I've been everywhere trying to get things done and sorted out, not to mention the recent haul of schoolwork. In short, there's been no questing, no writing, no sleep, and no sanity over the past few days, and I'm hoping to wind down and be able to blog a little today.

Alright, so today's all about goal-setting. We all do it - whether it's to get enough sleep, drink enough water or write another novel, goal-setting is a key part in making our lives interesting. For me, the challenges are about my writing - to make it better, to make it interesting, and to make it easy to read. As I explain my plans for the next few months on Travels, maybe you could think about what you want to do.

As the title suggests, Camp NaNoWriMo April is right around the corner, and writing begins on April 1st! This means that I'll be taking another month "off" of blogging. However, depending on how this goes, you may see a few bits and bobs of posts. Of course, there will be scheduled posts, and I'm hoping that they don't spam your dashboards or anything. My plan is to have one scheduled post on Sundays and then try to squeeze in a writing post weekly as well. However, most of my writing will be up on my new NaNoBlog, whose details will arrive soon.

After that, there's May. May will be totally normal, at least I hope. Posts will continue on as planned, which is hopefully every other day. Then, June will be another announcement of Camp, with July being the month of writing. Of course, I'd hate to leave you guys again, but I want to do Camp, so my goal for the July Camp will be to finish my draft of my novel, if I haven't yet finished it, or to finish the last bits of my fan-fiction trilogy, like I had always dreamed.

Now, with goal-setting in mind, here's what I want to get done and work towards:

  • More work on my fan-fiction! I want to finish my trilogy and be satisfied with it. I want to start looking into poetry and maybe another story if I'm up for it. 
  • Hitting level 50 on DDD
  • Trying P101 PvP!
  • 300 posts - at the rate I'm going at, I should be done in few months, but I want to make sure that I've hit it by the end of May. 
  • Hitting 50 followers - because I tend to avoid the drama of other social media like Twitter and Facebook, I don't have any accounts. Because of that, promotion is a little tough, and I rely on the quality of my posts to bring my follower count up. I should be good-to-go at the end of the year. 
Now, notice how I have different term goals. By that, I mean that I have short-term goals like trying PvP; medium-term goals like finishing my fan-fiction and posting consistently, and long-term goals like promoting for followers. What are a few goals that you can make in each of these categories? 

If you have a goal that you're striving to achieve, post it in the comments - letting others know that you're trying for something makes it feel even better when you've succeeded! 

Keep Traveling!