March 16, 2013

Camp NaNo Prep Bits

Hello! I wanted to share bits and pieces of what I've been doing to prepare for Camp NaNo. While I'm busy doing things IRL, I try to write as much as I can, which ends up being around 50% of my online-time, believe it or not. The graph to the right is my prep chart, though I have one that has more categories for what I do online entirely.
Because I write a LOT, I've been piecing through a lot of different pieces, and I wanted to share a few of my quickwrites in the past few weeks. A few of them are from writing dares and others I just wanted to write. Enjoy!

Written Today - "Destiny meets Militius Quartus when she gets captured for the first time. She will return for this blade somewhere near the end of A Swashbuckler's Promise." 339 words.

Destiny closed her eyes, feeling the ever-present chill of fear take her by the wrists. Between the twisted firs of shrinking Granchia, nestled in the lowered rectangle of pavement removed by means of slashing, a group of five clockwork soldiers stood at the ready, waiting for their captive to-be to make a move. Destiny recognized this immediately, turning her head up a little. She supposed the clockworks to be like the hostile troggies that she had run into before - oblivious to subtle movement. Because of this realization, Destiny slowly, gently sheathed both of her shortswords, pulling the tie of the belt of sheaths and letting it drop to the ground around her boots. She turned slowly, assessing the situation. Every clockwork was armed with a spear and shield of fine quality except for the one directly in front of her, wielding a shining rifle, freshly polished. The eyes of its mask started down gravely into Destiny's eyes, making her tense a little in fear. She tried to take a long look at it before it moved into a position where she was looking down the barrel of its weapon.
"I am Militius Quartus," it said monotonously, "I represent Deacon, who you will come to meet soon enough." Destiny took a hesitant step back, slipping a little on her belt. She had moved too fast - two clockwork marines sheathed their spears and took one of Destiny's arms each, lifting her to her toes. She scraped the ground with her boots then gave up, looking back to Quartus.
"You have been convicted of severe piracy, theft from the Armada, and standing by the graffiti incident in Sivella." Destiny nodded in acknowledgement. Her voice was especially dry in the crisp Valencian air, rendering her unable to truly speak up. "Follow me," Quartus finished. Destiny was lowered to her feet, though her arms were still held.  She slipped once more on her belt, kicking her pocketknife into a bush before staggering on. She would be back for it in due time.

Written a Few Days Ago - "The Lone Two Daffodils" slightly edited for blog usage.

Stepping on the daffodils
Hasn't been this much fun since 2008.
[Aloe-esque leaves] split under my new rubber soles
Gasping in squeaks of moisture
And crunch as they die.
The [baby flowers], the bright futures -
They wilt as I walk away,
Fleeing their shells, hoping to taste the moss
Before the rain hits upside the blossom.

Written Yesterday Evening - "Winged Lantern Cat" for a writing dare. 435 words.

The cat was preferably Siamese, a favored breed among the local runts lining the curbs. The classification as such would grant her such permissions as to be lurking in between the fragile lanterns. The silken feathers lining her wings rubbed against the soft paper, making a constant sound echo throughout the hall. The cat closed her eyes and tried to fold her ears shut, straining her wings higher up. The pads of her paws felt the rest of the way, aided by her wingtips and whiskers. She felt the rolling of sand into her short fur and the
rough texture of the concrete floor harboring such debris.
     Squinting a little to avoid the oncoming wind, the cat opened her blue eyes the slightest bit in reaction to the sparkle of light. It was a flame, the cat decided - a flame lit from a match for lighting the lanterns. How would that make a lick of sense, though?, the cat thought, A lit lantern would light the others. She opened her eyes all the way and glanced behind her, watching the flame move through the air, singing a little to her as she crept towards it. The cat hunched her shoulders, craning her neck forward to watch the flame's movements
     Within seconds, a lantern had been lit. It floated in front of the cat for a second, then drifted to its right. Shortly after, another one rose a hair higher than the first and placed it slightly to the right of it. The cat cocked her head in realization, flicking her ears in turn. She tip-toed up towards the first lantern, prodding
it with her tail. It bounced to the side, then returned. The cat looked up towards the growing line of lanterns and began bounding up in cat-like strides, not to say she wasn't capable now.
     The last lantern was placed half a foot up from where the cat had last perched, a little higher than usual. She used her new wings to propel herself up towards the top of the lantern, bouncing off of a gust of wind before shakily landing on the circular frame. Below her was the street that she had seen so many times before - the swearing man on the street corner, the trumpet player who played all day to drown the corner-man's voice out. He was well loved and was very creative. Near his spot, the cat saw the original blueprints for her
wing-sweater. She didn't need it anymore, she decided, stretching her new wings out in the cool breeze. She raised them up and leaped away.

What do you think? Any opinions, things bugging you, or points of interest? Let me know!

Keep Traveling!


  1. Wow... all three of them are really pretty. I especially love the one about the winged cat and the lanterns, that detail was very surreal. I also loved "...feeling the ever-present chill of fear take her by the wrists." Ha, so no, nothing bugged me.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Emma! I loved writing about the winged cat - she might reappear elsewhere in my writing later on. The pirate bit will have a significant impact on the fan-fiction. My expectation is that a reference to it, if I keep posting at the rate that I am, will be introduced in four and a half months.


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