Virus Announcement

Hey, everyone. I've had fishy popups for the past few days, following with my firewalls suddenly going down and my antivirus being disabled. a Win32/Small.CA virus has been identified on my computer and I'm taking it in today. Any help would be appreciated.


3:33 PM 2/8 - Identified virus, found solution. Has to do with the registry, looks fun. Going to hit the OfficeMax tonight.
6:11 PM 2/8 - Bought a PC protection kit for $150 and am dealing with call-on-hold music. It's a pretty sneaky virus, took down my firewalls and got past my McAfee.
8:30 PM 2/8 - Thanks to a wonderful fellow named Rhett down at CtrlCenter, my computer is good-to-go. I was on hold for about half of an hour and then got the setup initiated within fifteen minutes. Rhett took the wheel and went through my computer's registry, and he was working for about forty-five minutes (and four pieces of pizza, for me) then got my computer back to normal. Thanks for sticking with me, guys! As of now, this is an official post.