The Arrogant Pirate - A Poem

The Arrogant Pirate
D.S. Devereaux

It's only the playful shove, the whoosh in their ears
Only the taunt of their further destination, begging the arrogant pirate to burn fuel
Would a corsair like them fight back - no!
They have better things to sail through.

It's only pointy - only the tip of the spear
Who said that pointy sticks were dangerous, in the first place?
It's no match for the arrogant pirate's twin blades
Fire isn't hazardous, either!

No doubt the they heard it - the clink of their dreams!
Golden coins landing on one another,
Pooling around bottles of Yum
Catching the arrogant pirate's attention.

To the windlanes, swabbies - the arrogant pirate needs no auto-sailor
No ship can gun down the freshly painted galleon our nuisance commandeers 
Go ahead, Kane - fire at will! -
Our dreaming stowaway has stomgates to plunder!