The 2/9/13 Quest-a-Thon!

Ahoy! Thanks for so much traffic on the last quest-a-thon. Because of how popular it became, I'm writing another in the place of a discussion-type post that I'll write tomorrow to be up the day after, hopefully.

Of course, this wouldn't be a quest-a-thon without the quests, and this one took place in the ghost town of Miranda, following with a stop in Motherlode Mine. That's right, Pirates - I'm off to Mooshu! With thanks once again to Jack Teach (now featuring his screenshot-taking skills, or perhaps his more receptive computer), I've conquered Cool Ranch!
The day started the day before. I was questing at top-speed due to no ship or collecting quests. In a flash, I was running alongside El Toro and Mustang Sally towards the last NPC, who suggested that I take a stop in Miranda. The next morning, knowing that Miranda was a long dungeon, I stocked up on supplies so I could be ready for several things, when in truth, I didn't even use a Yum bottle!

At that point, while I was promoting companions, Jack Teach got online, and I asked if he was up for a Miranda and Motherlode run that night. He accepted and I got offline shortly after for lunch and tennis matches. (I'll let you know that I lost, but every point went into tiebreaker, or deuce.) When I was fresh for the evening with a can of sweet tea and fuzzy socks, I logged on again, checking my supplies twice. Then, it was off to Miranda!

Miranda Madness

I must both congratulate KI and send a wand strike at them for Miranda's atmosphere. It scared me, which was probably intended, but with giant snakes and drowned zombies. I mean, I could write up an entire post asking for the darned zombies to be recalled and replaced. However, the battles were relatively quick for the number of enemies. I did a lot of running for items and NPCs and Jack battled around until a fight came up. I ended up finding routes around the main group of enemies, and they worked sufficiently even though they annoyed me with their dead ends.

Jack took this one
One quest I did in Miranda was a side quest, to return a little girl's locket to her grave. When I walked up to the site and returned it, Bonnie Anne said something along the lines of "Do you feel that? I think we've restored peace to another one of the tormented souls in this town." I think I could do a whole dungeon revolving around that locket if the last line was so powerful. It was back to questing after that, though, and I was collecting cards so that Blood's Hand could be played. I had collected Blood's physical hand the day before with the help of El Toro and Mustang Sally (cue music). Once I finished the card game, I defeated Blood and fled Miranda. I don't think I could have taken it much longer, there.

From Mine to Mooshu

Jack took this one
After a quick quest of twelve Ghost Ships, it was off to Motherlode Mine! I took a variety of screenshots there, but hardly any of them survived the trip to my Documents folder, something I'm looking into today. However, Jack took a lot of pictures and sent me a few for the post, as labeled throughout.

Jack took this one (I love it!)
Anyhow, I put the dynamite in the mine cart and - yes - stood right in the collision path and survived. Maybe Swashbucklers are hardier than I thought. I ran through the maze-like mine and approached the platform in front of a Mooshu skiff and a pile of gold. However, I knew what was going to be in the way, or who, moreof. I hopped into battle and started to make my way over to Deacon. He was, for a few turns, backed up by incoming troops that held me and my team back. Jack took care of obstacle and supporting-enemy control as I snuck up on Deacon and hit with my best attacks. In the end, El Toro delivered the last blow. Shortly after the battle, I met one of my readers - Anthony of The Solo Rose, who had ported in. I didn't know who he was until I asked Jack in the middle of the Skyway while heading back to the Roost. So, I wanted to extend another hello to Anthony - it was nice meeting you!

When I touched down in SI, I leveled Sarah Steele and started her last promotion quest. I'm getting close to finished with it after a few wharf rat battles. Where I left off was the quest to go to Mooshu for both the storyline and for Sarah. I'd call it an evening well-spent. Thanks, Jack!

Keep Traveling!