February 27, 2013

Thank You, Sophia and Swordroll!

Over the past few weeks/months, I've been busy entering contests! In the hours of yesterday, today, and the day before, I've stumbled upon great conversations, a few quite shiny prizes, and a galleon-load of fun! I wanted to let you all know how amazing the community is at creating contests, and why entering isn't all about the prizes.

While I promise a longer post tomorrow (when I can get my thoughts together and not be typing wildly at night), I wanted to extend a HUGE thank-you to Sophia EmeraldBlossom for her quite, er, splendiferous contest by the name of Mission: Mansion. It was her blogoversary contest and consisted of seven tough tasks from writing to photo editing to trivia!
In fact, trivia is what I went through this morning. I woke up late and had missed most of the first round. However, I came back and won the last two rounds, thus winning two out of the three chances, securing my win. What I loved about this contest was that not only were the contests original and interesting, but the prizes were very creative and felt great to win.
Also, thanks go to my long-time friend Swordroll and his equally interesting contest, the Missing Pet Mystery. The MPM (for short) was also story-based, and the tasks, while original, were very different than those of the M:M contest. The first task was to strike a conversation with Daring Dave Hawkins, a cat pirate present at Swordroll's inter-spiral party, where one of his Dark Crows went missing. I decided to take a formal approach and prepared a letter heading, which contained a little bit of its own storyline, as the location progressed from Cool Ranch, to (Santo Pollo, I think...), to Junction (at last!). After talking with Dave for a bit, it was off to a maze of files to look for a letter from Digby, AKA Swordroll's W101 UK character. I'm not going to slip how I got through that, just yet. ;) It was a fun-filled contest that I loved wrapping my mind around - perfect for any thinkers wanting to put their sleuthing senses to the test!

From both contests, I've gotten ahold of 1,000 crowns (MPM), a free graphics job, an Amarathine Staff, and a story mention (M:M)! Thank you both for the blast!

Keep Traveling!

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