Seven Pieces for Seven Pirates - Orientation's Proposal

Seven pieces for seven pirates - I believe that was directly quoted from Catbeard on his own ship, meaning that each piece of the map of El Dorado for some reason lied with or around the life of one of the travelers to the golden land. While the first piece that we obtain was found in the hands of Captain Gunn, I believe, the next piece was connected to Marco Pollo in the land of Cool Ranch by finding the windstone in his own tomb. However, it's troubling that all of the map pieces were not in the hands of the heroes, but in the filthy mitts of a villain. What could this mean for the woman on the right - the PC's mother?

I'll let you take a breath on that one.
**alright, this has been bugging me for such a long time. The PC's mother, I shall refer to her neither as your PC's or my PC nor the PC's. She is just the mother. Comment if you want to give her a name. 
Yes, the mother sailed with Marco Pollo and saw the beauty of El Dorado. Of course, this presents a problem  - seven pieces for seven pirates, most of whom are dead, including the mother. Of course, there would be one underlying clue as to where the piece may lie, like the windstone in Pollo's tomb. Can we find that clue?

Backtracking to Orientation

Ah, orientation. Do you remember the day? If you found Pirate101 by chance and not through the community, beta, the W101 launcher, or otherwise, then I can bet a little bit that it didn't feel like too long ago and that you remember it clear as day. I'll let you know that it'll stay that way for a long time. I started playing W101 on the final evening of '09 and remember my complete thought sequence as I made my decisions, all set towards the school of Ice. When I heard about Pirate101, I'll admit that I was lured towards Swashbuckling by the trainer Morgan Lafitte. However, the choices made on W101's orientation affect only one thing - school. Pirate101 orientation lets you choose your class, an increased statistic, and one question that remains partially unresolved - how your parents died. Let's review the choices:

  • Storm
  • Sky Squid
  • ARMADA! (I chose this one!)
  • Mutiny
  • Ship Wreck
If you remember your Skull Island days and were comparing Presidio companions, then you'll notice that the companion from there varies by how your parents died. I chose ARMADA! and scored Gaspard De Vole, who isn't so bad of a fighter. However, more and more evidence from gameplay points to the Presidio being a red herring dangled in front of the question of parents' death, one of the pieces being one to El Dorado. The promise proposed by orientation was that your parents' death would be a major factor in individualized gameplay. I think that it has to do something with the map pieces. As I write and post this post series, I'll be looking into different opinions, ideas, and perhaps an interesting fiction bit at the end. Here's to another post series!

Keep Traveling!

Hey, you!
Yeah, you! 
Do you want to have your opinion in these posts? Well, leave a comment answering this question: How could your Presidio companion tie into your parents' story, and what impact could they have on finding their piece?


  1. Whooaaa!!! I never expected that to be a part of the gameplay. Your insightfulness is genius! I forgot what I answered to that question, but I ended up with the horse companion.
    It's also interesting how your starting companion is a cell like you are. That could also point towards the fact that they are involved in or know something about the death of the parents.
    This is awesome! I love this post!!

  2. How you answered that question results in which companion you get in the Presidio. Horse companion? Do you mean Subodai from becoming a Swashbuckler, or is it something else entirely?



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