Mooshu: The First Impression

What is beautiful, but bites?
It's famed for peace, but back it fights -
Chipping away at my growing crew -
Heigh-Ho, MOOSHU!

I was stuck in Mooshu for THREE MONTHS before my giant W101 questing boom around this time last year. I flounced into P101 with high expectations for MS, and even though it's downright GORGEOUS in comparison, I can't say that I am entirely satisfied.

Mooshu, where do I start? It's quite a beautiful place - just perfect for a walk and a smile. You wouldn't believe the view from the windlanes unless you were there, yourself! Still, there are two choice bits that I can't stand. Let's take a look:


It looked like a pretty suspicious barrel to me...
Before the scenery of Mooshu loaded, I heard the music. I turned it off and started blasting dubstep through my speakers to get rid of the recycled music littering my head. I'm practically fuming at the use of the same W101 music in Mooshu. Now, I think the music is very nice, don't get me wrong - it captures the beauty of Mooshu perfectly while adding that ominous "something isn't right" feeling at the same time. However, I'm finding close to no differentiation between areas, and I'm hearing the same things. On top of that, it's the exact same music from W101, and not only do I think that it's a little cheap, but it doesn't capture things as it used to, and now it's just annoying. Those who were online when I first visited Mooshu know just how angry I was.


Mooshu skyways are beautiful! I don't think there's a thing that I'd change about them, not one. The water below is very soothing while the pink and orange sky gives that "sailing into sunset" feeling that I loved so much in Cool Ranch. However, I feel like several of the town settings were recycled. I'm finding streets with enemies and buildings at the end that look EXACTLY like the kind I'd run through for Mount Lab or Mooshu questing. (I swear I saw a Black Lotus somewhere.) It's a little aggravating and too deja vu.

What do you guys think? Are there any features of Mooshu that you can't stand, or just don't like? How about those that you love? Let me know in the comments. Also, if you like what you see, it would make my day if you could follow the blog. I believe that you can follow through your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or Yahoo account, but if you have something else, then I'd be happy to add you to my e-mail list!

Keep Traveling!


  1. I haven't reached Mooshu in Pirate101, but I'd heard that the music was recycled. I love the Wizard101 Mooshu music, and I remember getting really excited for Pirate101's Mooshu, partly because I really wanted to hear more of it! I was really disappointed when I heard there wasn't any new music.


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