Miscellaneous Updates (and a Talking Cliff) 2/3/13

Ahoy, mateys! Sorry in advance for this post - I'm SO busy.

On Travels:

  • +1 new page (to be announced in the next week)
  • 272 posts at the moment 
  • +1 banner for rotation
The Life of DSD:

  • +1 poem submitted to fan-fiction
  • +2 chapters being edited
  • +4,000 words of the sequel written
  • +1 writing contest entry submitted
  • +1 writing contest entry being written
  • +1 cute pirate avatar for where I roleplay
Being Drafted:
  • Trying to have a quickwrite or non-roleplay writing sample a day
  • Plotting Camp NaNo project

  • +1 new ship, thanks to two NXPs
  • +1 level
  • +1....wait, a talking cliff?
Yep! Check it out - I got stuck in a glitch, and my good friend Jack Teach (AKA Jason Golriver, AKA Swordroll) interpreted my calling out to be just another talking cliff.

Well, Keep Traveling!