Inside The Ships - Looking Into Possibilities Below-Decks

Many a time has the topic of ship quarters come into conversation not only among those I know, but it seems like nearly everybody is itching to know what our ships look like on the inside. While I've run into several ship "doors" on my adventures with no luck, many people believe that the doors will come into play in an update. Is this true? I'm not sure, but let's take a look at what things might look like in certain ships.


Something that was always mentioned was how much space was on your ship. A room? Two? I personally think of below-deck space to be two large rooms, both to be explained later. I wouldn't change the number of rooms by the type of ship, but the space of them. Say, a skiff could have a small room, no bigger than half of a bunkhouse. A frigate could have a bigger size room, and a galleon would have enough space for a completely furnished cellar-size room, no matter the ship origin. The only exception for this would be the SI raft, for it has no space for a room.


For the two rooms, I had a few ideas. One of them was mentioned in the P101 thread, and the other I personally came up with just before starting the post. Often talked about was a room below-decks for your companions and maybe a tavern-like setup that would vary depending on ship origin. For a level below that, accessible by trapdoor and ladder, would be a more barren room whose sides have gaps in them where cannons point out. One could fire cannons as they pleased when not in battle (when they'll auto-fire), the bright ones perhaps able to communicate that way in some sort of P101 Morse code, perhaps also accessible by toolbar. In combat, cannons can be fired manually for a little more "oomph".

Quality and Design

The quality of ships vary by the type, origin, and physical properties. The tavern room would change depending on color choice and origin, as well as chosen companions. The cannon room would change depending on your ship's "health", most likely varying by the fourth of health. I'd imagine the design in the tavern room to be classic table-with-chairs-and-companions, as well as a Yum tap and pictures on the walls. Also mentioned on the thread was the idea of pictures from your personal journey.

Grouping Opportunities (just for fun!)

The Pirates: Five People - Navigator, two on deck, two firing cannons
The Photographers: Three or more people - Navigator, one on deck, one in the cannon room
The Captain Suffering from a Glitch - Two people minimum - Navigator, one on deck.

Combat Specifications

Navigator - Pulled into battle if a slash is initiated
On Deck - Pulled into battle if a slash is initiated
Below Decks - Prompted to join battle every thirty seconds or so until rezoned or in battle
EXP is awarded to all those who a) fought b) fired c) cleared tokens

While this is just an idea, I have a sneaking suspicion that there is more on our ships to come. What do you think, pirates?

Keep Traveling!


  1. Great post Destiny! Everything thing you had in this post I have dreamed of! I would love one of my friends to go man the cannons below my deck, I mean who is? And a little tavern or at least my companions manning my cannons, COOL!

    Something I also thought would be cool if I could set a location where I would like to go/dock and I could go AFK and my companion could steer for me. Say, Handsame Dan from the Admiral's Bundle, he's a captain and he could be better at steering a ship better than my........Bison? Steering stats?? o:. IDK, what do you think, once again great post!

    -J. Shadowblade
    ~Keep It Dead

  2. DeathyWiz,

    While I think steering stats on top of manual cannons and then perhaps extended player stats because would be too much for one update, but perhaps releasing that - and just that - later would make for an interesting feature. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    D.S. Dev

  3. See, I wish they'd do something more with multi-person ship-to-ship combat. Right now, one person can sail and fire, while one person clears tokens. However, it's more beneficial to have two ships, so why would you ever choose the first option?

    Customization options could change that. We could have cannons - four on each side - that are at deck level. Maybe some addition attack opportunities? Something that makes it more efficient to have people on deck than with another ship.

    As for the Captain's Quarters, I do think they mentioned having plans for that. I hope we'll have the inside as well as a lower level in the ship to place housing items, and decorate. Maybe we'll also be able to do so above deck.

    As for the above and below deck combat, though, that'd get tough. Perhaps combat should stay up top? I'm not sure how running into creatures would correspond with being below deck, though. I'm just seeing a bunch of potential issues.

    Fun topic! :)

  4. Many of the ships in the game have a door towards the back of the ship. The Captain's Quarters would probably be located through this door. If the ship does not have this door (like the Bison ships), then the Captain's Quarters would be located below deck.

  5. Cowan,

    It was on a thread on the messageboards that the bison ships were put into perspective. Have you seen that weird "hole" on the decks of them?



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