Five Site-Surfing Finds at

Hello! When I'm not posting, gaming, writing,
 or roleplaying, I'm browsing through!
 I know (IRL) a few Pirate101 players, and they
 tell me that they pay no attention to the site at all, and I wanted to point out to not only them, but the rest of ye lubbers that
there are several interesting components on the website.


                                                      1.) The Shop!

The Pirate101 online store is a feature that is commonly used on the website, but one of the few that I don't pay any attention to. I'm playing on a year of membership, and then I use most of the crowns that I win in contests. In the Pirate101 shop, you can buy membership, crowns, and possibly bundles later on!

2.) The Tradewinds Tribune!

Want to know the buzz? The Tradewinds Tribune is a frequently updated newsreel noting big changes, updates to certain pages, or any major news. I check the Tribune a lot to get updated and a few post ideas. A branch of the Tribune is the monthly updated Newsletter, which gives you the past month in brief. The Update Notes describe any recent changes to the game via test realm (or a lot of hotfixing) when they go to test or to live.

3.) Player Creations! Player Creations! Player Creations!

Hehehe, I think you get my point! As a "published" Pirate101 fan-fiction author, (I prefer the term "posted", though,) I visit the fan-fiction section of this page constantly to check my writing, others' writing, and the other fan-submitted content out. I love the fan photos, personally - they make me want to jump into the game and try for the same shot! There's also the fan art page, where talented artists and players can submit and in turn get their artwork showcased. Alura RB, a recent guest on Travels, has had a few of her pieces up.

4.) Message Boards!

A very well-known page under the community tab is the message boards, where active members can post their opinions and ideas. (Another reason I'm a member!) I personally love looking through all the threads and keeping the interesting ones alive, though I do have a nice pileup of the great discussions that I "killed", meaning that everybody stopped posting once I made a further in-depth post. Oh, well...

5.) The Art Behind Pirate101!

To be honest, I'm not so sure how to get to this page, as I have it bookmarked. (Link to page) On this page, you can see some of the concept art and a few notes on each one as they scroll through. Whenever I want to take a different look into the game, this is where I go. Even though we see these pieces of art everywhere in the community, now, I still think that these pieces should be appreciated. Take a look!

Have you thought about jonseying over? I didn't leave links to four of my finds so you could have the chance to explore the website and find them! Maybe you'll find something interesting that wasn't listed here, and there are many. If you think that something is so cool that it should be mentioned here, shoot me a comment and I'll post it up.

Keep Traveling!