February 21, 2013

Dear Timmy: I Crashed a Wedding!

Destiny Devereaux, Sky Mariner
Spiral Date 90748.8
Captain's Quarters, Khotan Skyway
Mooshu, the Spiral, 31415-9265

            Dear Timmy,

            Believe it or not, Big Bill and I fought our way out of Cool Ranch at last! After a brief stop in Marleybone's Port Regal, it was off to the world of Mooshu. You wouldn't believe the skies - if the remaining five let you off for a bit, perhaps I could take you with me for a day-sail. However, that won't be for a little while.

            See, I've been facing a bit of struggle in the seemingly tranquil land. The local Samoorai and bandits are nothing like the frogerales and mustang desperadoes back in the open skies - they're faster and stronger. I'm sure that if you bribed Big Bill with coffee, he'd tell you all about the one Ronin who tried to pull a fast one on him!
           There's been one event that I wanted to tell you about  since the moment I touched down in the quarters. Sarah's been urging me to rest after the tough fight, but I couldn't help but pick up my typewriter. Thank goodness the Admiral, my skarakeet, is still around to deliver things.
            Anyhow, I crashed a wedding today, but don't mention it to El Toro when you see us again - he doesn't like remembering it. Perhaps he wasn't prepared for the tough fights, or maybe he was a little culture-shocked. I think he was, but don't spread word about it. The wedding was that of a Moomori Lieutenant, a very important bull Samoorai working under the evil General Tso. I was working my end of a deal with the Yakooza people in order to talk with Egg Foo Yung. As usual, the "why" is under wraps. However, the crew and I had a blast!
           Part of the task was to graffiti the walls of the Moomori mansion, and I'm NOT going back there again. For one, I've had horrible experiences with fake travel papers, and walking around with a forged invitation made my palms sweaty. Then, out of nowhere, Subodai pulls out a can of Skull Island origin - and get this! - spraypaint to graffiti the walls. I wasn't very convinced with what Subodai wrote, but he claimed that its translation wasn't at all pretty. He convinced my first mate Sarah Steele, so it must be legit. I'm a skeptic, I admit!
            The next part is something I'd like to keep between you and my crew. To complete the crashing, I put on - Frogfather save me - a ridiculous costume so I could dash into an opera and knock a few props over. That had to be the worst part! To be honest, I am alright with operas. However, I doubt I'll ever see one if word gets out about my reverse-heroics.
            I hope life is alright back in the Ranch - let me know how things are. I'm sure you're turning out as a great lawman. Keep the place safe!

Keep Traveling,

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