Where the Wings Go

While this is a light-hearted post, I'll let you all know that I've been busy preparing and working with my fan-fiction and a poem to post here, as well as preparing a few information/questing posts.
Over the past few weeks, you may have seen a screenshot or two of my horse mount jumping. In those pictures, I digitally painted wings on my horse, and called it a day. I've been taking quite a few of these shots, and I wanted to show you.

Yes, I was out Fin-faming again, and found this nice spot.

Right before AluraRB screenshots

Just after AluraRB screenshots

Today - Hello, Fort McMurtry! 
I was never fond of the pegasi mounts in Wizard101, and I don't want them to be on Pirates, but painting wings on feels a lot better (and funnier)!

Till then, Keep Traveling!