January 12, 2013

The 1/11/13 Quest-A-Thon!

Blinking crust from my eyes
A can of root beer by my side
All cozied up in a throw blanket 

One more clockwork fleet to go

Last night probably was the holder of my record play time of 4-5 hours of Pirate101! Thanks to Jack Teach, I (actually, we both) got through from the beginning of Catbeard's quests to the beginning of Tumbleweed Skyway, not to mention a galleon-load of jokes and "A-ha!" moments all the way through. It was a blast, and I wanted to fill you guys in on what I saw! 
Welcome to Port Regal

Ah, yes. Before my quest-a-thon, I docked my ship in illustrious Port Regal, the home of Marleybonian pirates and the like, not to mention a stop of Blind Mew's and the location of the Savoy Mercantile. (Gil and Sullivan were happy to see me.) In my search for Mustang Sally, I learned that she was being held prisoner at Fort Elena. After running around the Port for a little while and defeating a few choice bosses, it was off to Catbeard for another line of quests! The night before the quest-a-thon, I started the ten Marleybonian ships, getting three of the ten needed. When I logged on last night, I was greeted by a friend of mine - Jack Teach, owner of Swordroll's Blog! We immediately teamed up on the ships, being on the same quest. I learned a few combat techniques and they became quite effective as we blasted our way through nearly everything. Unfortunately, my computer was lagging horribly all night, and I oftentimes got blown up after a bit of silence. In fact, I crashed once and had to log out and back in about four times the entire evening. Still, I got through the Marleybonians and then the Armada ships. It was back to Catbeard for another favor!

The Nap Factor

Before I continue on, I would like to announce that Napoleguin has earned himself a semi-intentional nickname! I call him Nap because 1) Napoleguin is a little long for the chat box and 2) Gosh, he's lazy. Now then, where was I? Jack and I were talking to Catty again, this time instructed to kidnap the governor's daughter, Mabel. Oh dear, I did not like Mabel very much. However, she came quietly. After taking care of Mabel, it was pretty much off to the Fort to beat up the guards and anything else in our way! Fort Elena was pretty long and ended up really annoying because of how demanding Nap was when we found him. Sally was eager to help us out, though. I eventually got sick of the constant clockwork fleets near the end. However, I got by pretty well, especially with my new critical hit from achieving level 30. It deals just over 400 damage and sometimes knocks enemies down to half health or lower! However, we got through smoothly (except for one log back in for me).

To Tumbleweed! 

After getting Nap and Sally out, it was back to Cool Ranch! Starting with a quick stop in Santo Pollo, we got Sally back to Don Rodrigo, who in turn proposed to her. It was quite sweet, I couldn't help mentioning it when Jack got through the doors. I talked to the Friar and slipped into the rebuilt church, finding the old El Toro waiting for me, saying that there would be someone in Tumbleweed who knew where Blood's lair was. It was back to the sky, and it was a nice sail over to Tumbleweed, where I immediately fell in love with the music! I could just stay there for it. However, there was work to do. Jack and I, after a quick gear run, ran to the Desert Rose tavern. There, after a quick battle with the Waco Kid, we met possibly the cutest face in the entire game - Timmy. Timmy told me about the Magnificent Seven, the heroes of Cool Ranch until they split ways. The next quest was to get the remaining six of the Seven to help us out. We found Duck Holliday immediately and he instructed us to get Buffalo Bill on our side. The next stop was a traveling circus of sorts, where Jack and I were challenged to defeat Tyson, the chicken pugilist. Jack and I got on the sigils together to face TWO Tysons. I got the first one down to half health right away, while (and I apologize, but this was hilarious) the other Tyson chased Jack around for a bit. I used up all of my critical attacks then healed Jack, waiting for that perfect moment to strike the remaining Tyson and win the match! Bill was impressed, and Jack got a new companion. 

Overall, last night went very well for us pirates, and I might as well try it again tonight! I bid you all adieu for the day, make it a good one!

Keep Traveling!

Dead-Eye Des

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