Slice of Life: Plotting and Editing with DSD

Hello! While I'm preparing FOUR posts at the moment, I wanted to let you guys know what I'm up to when I'm not posting. Of course, it's almost all writing. Of course, with a few projects in the works, I needed to set some time aside for practice and editing. Thankfully, roleplaying is most of my practice, and it's a blast so far. However, there's the editing that I needed to get to. I have a few screenshots of what I'm up to:

This is actually a segment from part V of A Survivor's Word. Because this scene defines Destiny for the rest of the story, I wanted to make sure that it was up to par and that it expressed the emotion correctly. I turned to my friend Swordroll and he helped sort through and revise/edit my work, all 1,696 words of it! (I'd like to note that this particular segment is about 196 words longer than usual.)
This is a part of a contest entry that I'm working on, and I'm combating my lack of Aztecan knowledge! Thanks to a few friends, I'm a little caught up on how it looks and such, but I'm trying to focus on the general emotion and character development. I'm just over 1500 words and will wrap up around the 1750 point, most likely.
This is actually an IRL picture of my plotbook, filled with ideas. I'm organizing it so I have about half of the page to take notes and doodle. I (feel so smart for doing this, and) shook my phone a little while taking the picture so that the words could be blurred a little bit, because this isn't my best plot-work. However, I'm planning for this to be my CampNaNo project while I focus on my fan-fiction and smaller pieces now.

Well, that's what I've been up to, and I'd better keep writing. Swashbuck Soultamer, over and out.


(By the way, I'm applying the Technomancer tag for all my slice of life posts.)