My Five Writing Resolutions

Hello! While information in this post may be completely extinct, I wanted to address a common question and how I'll answer it. This question is what I plan for the year of 2013, what I want to get done and what I want to do better. Of course, my mind is ALWAYS on my writing, so I centered many of my resolutions around it. Well, here goes!

Resolution Number 1) Finish a novel!

Alright, I've written short stories, fan-fictions, roleplay sequences, and tons more, but this year, I want to not only write, but finish a novel, too! A couple days ago, I started a new novel, and I'm very excited to keep it going. I'll be writing through one (or maybe two) Camp NaNos, and (of course) NaNo 2013. Also, if you're one of the Wrimos that I dragged here, hello! I am determined this year to write and finish my novel, even if I don't submit to a publisher.

Resolution Number 2) Make fewer typos!

One of the reasons why I stopped writing my NaNoWriMo novel was because I got so scared of the typos, how many there were, and how long it would take to (catch and) fix 'em all. If I improved on my keyboarding, perhaps I would be able to make fewer typos. In my mind, this will eliminate a lot of different hurdles later in life, especially when the essays get longer.

Resolution Number 3) Brush up on roleplaying!

Thanks to a kind friend of mine, I'm starting to roleplay again. Roleplaying was a huge part of how my writing changed from smelly to better because of how I had to write on the spot, and the best that I could. While my entries used to be in the 700-800-1000 range sometimes, I have to start small again with little 500 word entries. However, I can't wait till I get better and can write to my full potential.  I think that this will benefit whenever I'm writing without a distinct outline.

Resolution Number 4) Finish the fan-fiction trilogy

And this time, I mean it! While this is more of a goal than a resolution (as is number 1, as well), I wanted to make it clear that this time, it would happen. I'm halfway through the second short story of the trilogy and I'm really excited to implement all the wonderful ideas submitted by friends and fans! It will be a very long time before it's all out on the P101 website, so stay tuned here for sneak peaks and analyses!

Resolution Number 5) Back things up

For my NaNo novel, I had the entire thing on one USB drive. Three times did my USBs break off my lanyard during NaNoWriMo, and three times I almost lost everything. This year, I want to be more diligent when it comes to backing my novel up, starting with Google Drive and another copy on my computer.

Well, here's to the new year!

Keep Traveling!

P.S. Thank you for all of your positive feedback on my chess posts! I'm very happy on how they turned out, and I'm writing the last one now!


  1. I'm also planning to do NaNo, and one camp (two if possible.) Which camp are you planning on doing?

  2. I'm not really sure - I'm going to try for both, though!



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