How to Beat the Clockwork Chessboard (Chess and the Armada Finale)

To open this post up, I must holler a titanic THANK YOU to everybody who's been abuzz about my chess posts. I'm very proud of how far these chess posts have gone, and I hope that I can pull this last post off. Also, thank you to Aaron Starheart for the ideas!

Why do I say that, you ask? Well, let's just say that I haven't played a game of chess in a few long years, and that means all of my information comes from - you got it, research. Hours of constant research. Today, I actually started playing my computer in chess, and let me say that I feel like a CONJURER against AVERNUS bone drakes - something that won't ever happen. Let's see how I could possibly connect that to the Armada through my slightly chess-rattled mind in the finale of Chess and the Armada!

Oh, dear. Where do I start with this? This post features all of the information that I put together and that is currently known. I'll be doing a short bit on what the Armada is doing, and then the improvisations that make more sense, and then how to defeat it. Let's see how this goes.

Fun fact: Did you know that it took me several days to write the intro and first paragraph?

While surfing through a medley of different chess strategies, there were no words in any of them that spoke out - at least not where I was going. You see, I am starting to run out of patience with chess research, which makes me pretty bad with chess at all. However, with my withering patience, I left it to all of you to look for a few things, and the helpful Aaron Starheart pitched in right away! With a few of my gatherings, he introduced me to the world of pawn strategy, and I eventually wrapped around to a strategy that I think would work quite nicely: the Pawn-Chain. Here's how it works. (Note that I cleared the chessboard to limit distractions.)

When you think about it, this strategy is pretty good. If you're playing someone with less experience, you can use this to wipe their forces out. However, a clever sacrifice will evade this tactic, which is why KI might have played it up a bit.
If the white queen is your pirate, then the kill order is as so:
First turn, pawn in D2
Armada goes, Deacon (knight) to D4
Your turn, kill Deacon
Armada goes, Kane to D5*
Your turn, take left bishop for a quick escape
Armada goes, Rooke to B4
Your turn, take Rooke out
Armada goes, right Bishop to C6
Your turn, go to B4
Armada goes, Kane to D4
Your turn, pirate to C6


Now, the confrontation. If you remember a bit about chess, you know that Queen is perfectly capable of wiping the pirate out right away. However, this is Pirate101 - almost nothing will go down without a fight. I'm thinking that this is where the eagerly awaited book 13 will push us into.

Fun Fact: I had to make that second chessboard a few times, the first one where I forgot a piece, the second where the pirate would be in check for a few turns, and then the worst spelling errors when I typed them right on the screenshot!
*This chess plan follows the actions of the Armada in the game, making your pirate sort of safe from the king piece. 

I imagine a battleboard opening up between you and the queen - maybe even assisted by Kane! If she really is Kane's "wife", then it would make some sense for him to be there, too!

Perhaps the end isn't all what it seems, isn't it? I thought about it for a while - Pirate101 has more of those "trick endings" than Wizard101 does, by far, examples being the trick chest in the scorpion cave, and the plantains at the end of the banana vs. tree quest! From that, and from a lot of strategy-searching (with the conclusion being that you confront the queen), I think that this will be another circumstance, where the storyline starts shifting away from the chess pieces, and into something else, maybe. In fact, with Wizard101 being cards, and Pirate101 being chess, I can imagine a game in the future based off of one of the most confusing (yet fun) games that I have dabbled in to date - Go?

Wait, Go!

GO! It's an idea, GO!





  1. Great post, and awesome blog layout! I really need to give Pirate101 another try!

  2. Glad I could help! I love your Theory posts they always leave me with something to think about

  3. Hey, I'm starting to wonder, seeing as to how you said that Pirate101 is a little more complex than Wizard101, I wonder if Queen will backstab Kane, or avenge him (most likely backstab) if you do end up defeating him. I once read an article in chess that said on a chessboard, the Queen is given false power (she's strong, but in the end, the glory still goes to the King). So I wonder if they'll hide Queen in the shadows (she could be a scheming Swashbuckler) and then, when the power of Kane is lost, BAM!!!, she steps in to take power and finish El Dorado. Just a guess but still, hope you like.

  4. Dear Kane's Greatest Supporter,

    WOW! That's a great observation. Queen was definitely held back for a reason, and many are as well expecting one of betrayal, whether in our favor or not. Hmm...your comments giving me an idea; stay tuned.



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