Blogging for Pirates - Four Tips and Companion Lineups

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine who is just starting their blog. You got this!

I was flipping between two pages today - and my blogger dashboard. Which did I want to tackle first - getting started on Imperial Warships, or write up a new post? Warships, post, warships, post - I couldn't decide! After asking my friend about it, I decided to get on Pirate101 first, and thank goodness I did! In the time I spent playing, I PvPed, quested, messed around, and even got a post idea! In fact, I think it was a combination of the PvP and messing around that triggered the post idea. While I was online, I PvP battled Friendly Paige Parkinson, and Jack Teach (AKA Paige Daisypetal and Swordroll). I scored one loss and one win. I used two different companion lineups for the battles, and then had a different one for the first of my questing battles. I'm going to investigate how well they worked, and why the concepts work for blogging, too!

Lineup 01: The Skull Island Special
Possible Companions: Subodai (OR starter companion), Bonnie Anne, Sarah Steele (OR Ratbeard quest line companion), Old Scratch, Ratbeard, Gaspard De Vole (OR Presidio companion)
Difficulty to Acquire: Easy
Description: Think about it! You've had these guys since Skull Island, there's no doubt that you know how to use 'em. You can't go wrong with these companions because you most likely have a sense of how they fight and what situations they'll work well with. Also, you will most likely get these companions if you've "stayed loyal" or at least kept up with their leveling. My favorite three-companion lineup for this would be Sarah Steele, Subodai, and either Bonnie or Scratch.
Blogging?: There's probably one thing that you've said often or decided to associate yourself with since you started blogging, or maybe there's something that you want to incorporate if you're new to the 'sphere. Like the Skull Island Special lineup, you know your trademark quote or your signature avatar the best, and you want to use it to your advantage! A good example is my signature - Keep Traveling!

Lineup 02: In With The New!
Possible Companions: Varies
Difficulty to Acquire: Very Easy
Description: Alright, Bonnie Anne and Old Scratch - you've done well, take some Yum and a rest. Chicken Miner, Toreador - center stage this instant! If you're like me, then you've done minimal sidequests and are one to three levels below standard for your point in the storyline. While your pirate is at a slight disadvantage, your new companions (as you earn them) will be a few levels above you, making things look like an advantage, even though it's another form of the Pirate Placebo Effect, which takes place in the circumstance of.... So, with your new burst of optimism, your strategy could win battles!
Blogging?: Trying out something new and innovative (or innovative at least to you) can liven things up on your blog - maybe try creating graphics, or take up a new hobby to write about for a few posts? You want to keep things new and interesting, don't you?

Lineup 03: Brigands of a Feather
Possible Companions: Varies by Class
Difficulty to Acquire: Varies, but generally Moderately Hard
Description: I'm not done creating this lineup, yet! I would call the Brigands of a Feather lineup one of the hardest to obtain for everybody. The Brigands of a Feather lineup will be very easy to use once put together, though, because you know how to play your class best, don't you? This lineup requires that the first four companions be the same pirate class as you are! Of course, like every lineup, this comes with its disadvantages, but knowing what you're playing with can ease battle and give you more time to plan out your moves.
Blogging?: Knowing what you're posting about is HUGE when you decide to blog on a specific topic - getting a primary fact of your post horribly wrong can break a few things, especially if it's early on, in my opinion. If you're blogging about something you're already comfortable with, then you're a step ahead, but if you're me, research takes up about half of your blogging time. (Remember the chess posts? They took me DAYS of straight research to put together, and I'm still working on the last one!) Know what you post before you publish!

I'll be honest:
This was SO much fun to make

Lineup 04: (Oppan) Soultamer Style!
Possible Companions: (as of 1/5/13) Sarah Steele (first promotion), Mustang Toreador, Subodai (first promotion), Two-Gun Sam Dalton
Difficulty to Acquire: Hard
Description: What I tried to say in the first lineup was that you wanted to make your blog yours, but this point is to remind you that as much as you want to make your blog yours, you want to be comfortable with it. See my usual PvP lineup above - one tank (Subodai), two brigands of a feather (Steele and Toreador), and a musketeer (Dalton) to make my close-range attack spaces open to the rest of us. Two companions are part of the Skull Island special, and the Toreador is a few days new (and two levels above me). While you want to know what you're working with (Steele), you want something to make blogging fun and a little easier (Dalton) as well as something fresh (Toreador) to work with. Subodai? This might be out of character, but he's just awesome in that Subodai way.

I hope that you've learned or have thought up a new tactic through this post, or even found something that you could implement or work on in your blog! If you have anything to contribute or add on, feel free to post a comment!

Keep Traveling!