Becoming Knight of St. Chiquita (A Must-See Sidequest!)

Hello! I've been questing on DDD  as rapidly as I can muster while still getting a few interesting pictures. However, I did do one side quest that I wanted to finish once I learned the purpose.
I'm talking about that wonderful Monquista quest regarding which came first: The banana or the tree? What happens is that you retrieve a book, though I'm forgetting where you do. Then, you run and talk to NPCs for a bit, then collect ground items in the Haunted Forest near Skull Island. However, this post (mainly of pictures) will be about the final scene that occurs, the much-anticipated debate in Puerto Mico! Dialogue with these guys has only happened once so far, so this quest just might be a once-in-a-pirate opportunity! Let's take a look!

Well, what a surprising end to this whirlwind sidequest! I'll be sure to find out where the first NPC is located.

Keep Traveling!