2 Blogging Hazards That You Can't Avoid

There have been those wonderful instances in blogging where you don't want to post. There are the kinds where you run out of caffeine or even crowns. Then there are the days where you're snowed in and too cold to do anything. Or, you get wrapped up in reading, riddles, or whathaveyou.
Then, there are those kinds of problems where, if you couldn't restrain yourself, you smashed your computer in frustration, or your headphones. Maybe it was your iPod. Phone? Maybe just smashed things in general. I'm talking about the kinds that drive you insane, inspire a fire-filled two sentence "therapeutic" post that ends up getting four times the normal comments and makes you frustrated even further.

If you haven't ripped your hair out yet, then this might not be the best post for you to see.

Scenario #1 - Original Ideas

  • Summary: People will like your ideas so much that they will develop them further into their own. 
  • NOT a Problem: Someone very logical once told me that if my book plot sounded a little generic or had a strong theme, then chances were it had already been written. Same goes for posts, on both sides of the equation (the first being the "original writer" and the other being someone like me). Unless you're writing something gibberish, then the chances are pretty high that people have dabbled in the subject already. That's not a problem, because you can write it better with your own ideas. 
  • The Real Problem: This reminds me of my poor friend, her house being the victim of a hit-and-run style robbery. Because the supposed robbers left no evidence of using their own supplies (i.e. using her pillowcases and shovel), they wouldn't be charged for stealing with intention. However, the blog problem happens when someone does these things:
    1) Doesn't ask if they can elaborate further on your topic, or doesn't get your approval and does anyways
    2) Claims your exact ideas or content to be their own
    3) Here's the kicker: They publicize and/or get credit by many people.
    4) Has the intention to "be cool" or to "be smart".
    A Real Example: This happened a couple times with my chess posts, the main point being the Archbishop theory. I'm not going to say who or where, but it's happened, and it ticks me off. 
  • A Sort-Of Solution: Explaining things in gargantuan detail, thus rendering copycats unable to explain further will do the trick about half-way. It doesn't stop anybody from copying your posts, though. In fact, it could make that problem worse. 
Scenario #2 - The "AAAAARRGH!" Kind of Glitch

  • Summary: It happens. We all hate it. Put your hair back on, now. 
  • NOT a Problem: N/A, let's just get to the point.
  • The Real Problem: Do any of you Blogger bloggers remember that one crazy night where all or almost all of your pageviews went kaput? Remember all the frustration and your fear of explaining your earlier "Thanks for X Views!" posts? Oh gosh, that was clear as day in my memory. I logged on sort of sleepily, and didn't notice it at first, whoops. Then I checked my blog analytics and they were gone. I spent the entire night trying to recover my views, or at least remember them. Hey, how about way back when Template Designer would NOT work in IE? (I use Chrome, now.) That was a little problem, wasn't it? These problems can be also thought of as the kind in Pirate101 where you somehow jump to the center of the skyway for no reason - something that will be fixed, but is there for now. 
  • Still, this point is sort of a mental thing, how several of us absolutely freak out when things like this happen. I mean, it's pretty tough not to - I was out of pageviews for the longest time, and the first Travels needed to be designed on a different computer (the monitor was going to die, anyways). 
  • A Sort-Of Solution: Keep things up to date on a different document. If your design is prone to failure sometimes (which I've heard of), some people like to keep their entire HTML template on another document. It sounds downright insane to me, but whatever suits you. I am keeping track of my blog with a couple of analytics services, one powered by Google and one elsewhere, but the information is insufficient. 
Have any of you run into these kinds of problems? I'd love to hear about them, because they happen to all of us! Also, sorry for the delay, I'm a little behind in my series posts.


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  1. Ooh, I like this post. Yeah, I'm at "The "AAAAARRGH!" Kind of Glitch", but that's due to things IRL. Anyway, I think a bad one was when my template just didn't work. Anything and everything I did was negative (I think you might remember that).
    I think my worst one however was when my header wouldn't load, and I was jumping between computers and browsers for DAYS, (again, The "AAAAARRGH!" Kind of Glitch).
    This post was really helpful, I like it a lot!


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