WE got Armadillo Verdes!

(This is a very short post.)

Well, my friend (Virtuous Valkoor Vawdry, alias Smileyface) was helping me with the Silver Stallion, my first encounter with the Duck of Death, after defeating Darkmoor ships. However, I saw Valkoor with a new little friend shortly after the battle:

YES, he got an Armadillo Verde without even trying!

Of course, I opened and closed my notifications, and swore that I saw a name.
To be honest, I thought I had missed a new companion. However, it was a pet. 

                                                    Yes, now we have twin armadillos!

That's the end of my short post!

Keep Traveling!


  1. I cant believe how lucky we got!
    -Virtuous Valkoor Vawdry (V.V.V.)

  2. Wow, it is like me getting my Tiny Smokey in Skull Island.

  3. LUCKY o:! I've been trying for him for weeks now! BTW, the snow is a nice touch but allot of other blogs are doing it. Perhaps more detailed snowflakes would give your blog some more originality during this holiday season.

    Always keep it dead while your traveling! (See what I did there ;D)


  4. VVV,

    I know, right? Chance is really helping out.


    Deja vu much?


    Hmm...I think I can fetch better flakes from the same site where I got these. Thanks!



  5. Tiny Smokey is my Orchid Cameleon, so no, I am not confused rather then I got into Tumbleweed Skyway when in the storyline I am in Port Regal Skyway.

  6. Justin (again),

    Changed the snowflakes - they don't fall like I'd like them to, but they DO look a lot better! :-)



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