Rafflecopter Winners (Or, the predicament with them)

Here's what happened. There were nine prize ops in the raffle, and eight people entered. One person entered SO many times in the daily entry, that they won almost all of the prizes. So, wanting to give everybody a fair chance, I redrew, with no better result. I was stuck - I didn't want to cheat on my contest - heavens, no! - but I wanted everybody to get a prize. So, I decided to hand out the prizes a little differently.

YES, if you entered the contest, you have WON. Also, I'm letting you PICK your prize, between a Staff of the Imperator (limited supply) thanks to RR, or a snow-themed custom blog! I have a few backup prizes if there's a lot of demand for the wands, and those backup prizes are actually other wands.......

No matter how you choose, congratulations to:

Keira Deathwalker
Cass Lifeblossom
C (otherwise known as Cowan Soulhunter)
Chris (DrakeFlame)
Aaron Starheart
Evan Silver
KongCheng Vue - KongCheng Vue had SO many entries in this contest and put SO much effort into it that they deserve TWO prizes. Congratulations!

*rules and regulations apply to prizes such as skill limits for the blogs or having won a sort of prize already from me that wouldn't make sense to win again

Because I was expecting more entries in the raffle than I actually got, I let those who participated in the raffle participate in the fiction writing contest, too. I got two wonderful entries, and they were both valid - this is like a dream come true! - and I have chosen a winner from both of them. In the end, both stories were very entertaining and made the most of their words, and I really wanted to read more, but there wasn't any! Here are the winners:


I might post one or both stories in a different tab, and I'll let you know when I do that. Congratulations to all the winners!

Keep Traveling!

- Also, a big shoutout to my close friend Virtuous Valkoor Vawdry, who surprised me last night with a Cutthrat Bundle! Oh my goodness, thanks so much!


  1. I cant believe I forgot to enter! :(
    Thanks for mentioning me! :P


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