Meet the Obstacles!

"So, Dead-eye; surrender now?"
"Never!" Destiny barked. She craned her head forward, making her upper back wail in protest. "What makes you think that the Sky's Ransom will give in just through a simple fight! NOW!" Destiny sneered, watching out of the corner of her eye for Remmy Lawson, who had rolled several barrels of gunpowder behind Cameron. Delaney Finch summoned a few skeletons (courtesy of her adventures in the forests surrounding the lighthouse) and they held Cameron in place as Fin Drosal spun, slashing at the end of the chain with his dual axes, curling into a ball to cover his head. One by one, the barrels exploded, each one triggering the next until the last one exploded right near Cameron, causing him to fall back in shock. Fin was undamaged as he cued Sarah Steele to help get Destiny free from the ropes. She hopped back to her feet, grinning. 

"That's one for the team!" Destiny cheered. (A Swashbuckler's Promise, by D.S. Devereaux)

Want to know how this plan would work in-game? Read on!
Meet the Obstacles!

Barrel (Flammable-Type) : In the Pirating Spiral, barrels are the new bombs - just don't step too close to them! Exploding barrels are classified by their battle-board appearances and by how they look, with the skull-and-crossbones between red highlights. It takes but one swing at an exploding barrel, and it will destroy as much as possible around it - including other barrels! If a barrel is next to another barrel, and one of them explodes, then the other will, too - in fact, placing a chain of them might come in handy.

Who can attack these?: Any live player/action - no enemies, no pets, no reaction attacks.
How do you attack these?: Just like how you kill an enemy, though ranged shots are recommended so you don't get hurt. Ranged shots can be made with any musketeer-style weapon, witchdoctor ability, Barrage, or the knife-throwing ability for Swashes.
When do you attack these?: When the enemies are around one or more for a chain!

Fire: Oh dear, I absolutely hate fires! I get quite a bit of fire on my ship when I do broadside combat. Fires are classified by not only their appearance (taking up one unit space per fire), but they make noise, too - the more fire, the louder it is, depending on how close you are. Like barrels, you only need to strike fires once to put them out. Careful, though - if you stand by a fire and don't do anything, you will get burned and take light damage throughout your stay until you run or attack it.

Who can attack these?: Once again, any live and decided action. Fires do not dodge.
How to attack: Just...hit it! Ranged shots will work, too - I had a LOT of fire once, and Bonnie's special ability came in handy!
When do you attack these?: As with every obstacle, make sure you have run out of ways to use the fire to your advantage. If you can't get your enemies towards it, or if it doesn't block them off, then get the fire out ASAP.

Furniture: Yes, it had to be there! As I start to talk about furniture, I'll get into obstacles that vary by location, meaning that you may not find them everywhere, but they tend to be alike by world. Furniture can vary from tables and chairs to weapon racks and more! Like the barrels and fires, furniture can provide much protection, but most of it can be destroyed. Skilled swashbucklers can jump over different pieces of furniture. Sometimes, I do it just for fun. (Comment opportunity: Can you "jump"? Where do you jump, why?)

Who can attack these?: See above
How to attack?: Just hit them! However, furniture might have a little more health than the other obstacles, just be wary of that.
When?: Eh, same old, same old.

Ship-Set Traps and Ice: Oh, goodie - when there's fire, there HAS to be ice, only to complement the traps, of course! While musketeers (correct me if I'm wrong) can set traps, your ship can set them, too! My Bison Origin skiff can set minor traps, and I can also use my frosty arrow-type shots to set the battle heat down to chilly! If you walk over or "land on" a trap, it deals damage to you. I think that's the only way to make them leave. Swashbucklers can leap over traps if they're near a gap or a table. Ice will immobilize anyone who steps too close to it, making them stop and "pass" if they aren't close enough to strike.

Who?: Traps can be set off by anyone, and the ice can be "killed".
How?: Either step on (not recommended, by the way) or slash on.
When?: It would be fun to see your enemies walk over traps, but ice can be annoying.

Well, that's a very basic guide to simple obstacles - check back in a few days for a special surprise!

Keep Traveling!


  1. Is it just me or did you take away the snowflakes?They aren't appearing on my Chromebook.Please don't ask what a Chromebook is if you don't know, I have answered that question about 100 times.

  2. Cass,

    I took away the flakes, yes. I was having problems with them, and decided to take em out. Have fun with the Chromebook! :-)



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