Holiday Dream - A Poem by D.S. Dev

Holiday Dream
D.S. Devereaux

Yes, you!
Turn your nose up and look at the sky
The snow is falling, and to your surprise
No power is out
No yule-logs yet wettened
You're still safe and warm - should you snap yourself out of it?

Yes, you! 
Sweep your head around the room
It smells of apples, and tastes like 'em too!
The Douglas Fir
Hesitates to stir
To jingle and clang the ornaments you hang.

Yes, you! 
Dive in, take a bite -
There's food to be passed around and tried,
Hands to shake
Loved ones to embrace
What's going on? - Snap yourself out of it?

Yes, YOU! 
There's a gift and card thrust into your hands!

Yes, YOU!
You now know carols by twelve different bands!

Yes, YOU!
Is this a dream, is this a joke? 

NO - Happy Holidays to you and your folk! 

(keep traveling!)

Destiny S. Devereaux


  1. great poem! Happy Holidays!!! :)
    -Vawdry (Lo)

  2. Thanks, you guys! This post went through about three different poems, all written on the spot, before I liked one.


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