Friday Night Glitches

Hello! To give myself a quick break from the thinking applied in my last post, I'm going to put up a few screenshots of what I did on Friday. This a really simple and light-hearted post, but the screenshots are beautiful!

Also, as a mini-post before the pictures, I want to give a gigantic hug and a box of cookies to the kind #twizard Chris DrakeFlame, who has tweeted my recent posts. I don't have a twitter to avoid drama, and I didn't ask for anything in return when I told Chris just that! My pageviews have spiked by thirty more views per tweeted post, and it means a lot to know that I have friends behind me willing to help. Thank you, Chris!

Also, I would like to tell the owner of "The Secret Tools" that they've been spotted, and should leave before I try to report the blog to Google. The Secret Tools has been doing something similar to what the "domars" did a while back, spamming my pageviews, but this time actually having my link on their page. Check back later for more details.

Now then, who wants photos?

First, I decided to help my friend out. I got the Dance of Steel talent!
Impressive, no? When I was back on my friend's ship, I was expecting to be on the deck, but these ship glitches always seem to find me.

Here's my formula for it:

Step 1: Make sure your friend is in battle via ship
Step 2: Teleport to them
Step 3: Battle, be sure to have a good time!
Step 4: Get all the treasure chests out of the way
Step 5: Stop moving and be moved!



  1. You know your ship is too slow when you can run on the windlane and keep up with it!

  2. You're very welcome Destiny! I just think you have a great blog and make awesome and interesting posts!
    -Chris. :)


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