Corsair Cartography 101 - Maps With Scale?

Have you ever wondered about the techniques behind those beautiful maps in Pirate101? How they're scaled? Really, KI map scale has been something that I have been wondering about since my earlier Wizard101 days, and at last I get to explore the topic! (Disclaimer: this post is PROPOSING the idea rather than discussing, but discussion will only come if you respond.)

A few days ago, my IRL friend Paige Daisypetal and I got together and began playing Pirate101 together on our laptops. It was a lot of fun playing for a while, but then Paige wanted to grab something from downstairs, and she asked me to play on her musketeer and on my swashbuckler, at the same time. It was a lot of fun learning how to play as a musketeer, but I can't stand it sometimes! When Paige (or PaigieDee) got back, the battle was over, and I tried to navigate both pirates at the same time. However, I had a problem. I was watching my screen instead of hers, and her mount was the batacuda with normal speed, whereas my horse was "very fast". It became tough to run around on both at the same time, and thank goodness she took the wheel (er, arrow keys) before I dragged Paige into a battle.

Then there was two nights ago. After a wonderful dinner of game hens, I sat down to play some Pirate101. After a lot of running around in Cool Ranch, I was dragged back to Monquista to take out a few ships. While you may be screaming "SinkvSlash", I was thinking something along the lines of "FuelvCrawl" as I sailed steadily, at a very slow pace. I asked my friend Jason Goldriver if he was experiencing the same, and he concluded that the skyway had to have been bigger and our ships were still going just as fast.

In the back of my mind, this didn't make any sense. The maps were (and I apologize for being so blunt at this thought) the same size, and the windlanes at least looked like they were the same length as those that I had sailed faster. Then, the idea of scale dawned upon me. How do Spiralite cartographers draw their maps to appropriate scale? IS there a scale at all? That's what I want to find out! While this post is just proposing the idea, I wanted to show you what I'm thinking of including, and what I'll be needing a little bit of help with:

  •  - A Pirate101 Scale! While quests are charted in steps, how about Skyways? Can we know how many steps a skyway is long, or how many ship lengths?
  •  - Map Analysis! That's right, I'll be taking a length of string and a tape measure for those windlanes, to compare how long they are between a few maps, possibly before I even create the scale itself.
  •  - I'll need to know a person that has a Skull Island origin raft, skiff, frigate, and galleon, or two people who, combined, have all of them. Please e-mail me at swashbucklersoultamer@ gmail. com if you have at least two of the listed. I don't really want to hang around in Skull Island and ship-hop with the risk of getting caught and feeling pretty ashamed. Please note that I'll need to meet you in-game for a little sailing. You'll need to have full access or membership. (are there still SI frigates..?)
  •  - For the map analysis, I want you (the readers) to hear about something you care about! I'm going to analyze three maps, two being the Tierra Primata and Skull Island Skyways. I want you to pick the third! I have access to Cool Ranch (minus the Haunted and Tumbleweed Skyways) and have a membership, too. Note that I'll want to sail a raft, skiff, frigate and galleon there, so please somewhere not as dangerous as Avernus, for the sake of time and battles. Leave a comment below!

I also want to know your ideas. What do you want to see covered? Any complications with my idea, or anything absolutely amazing? I'd love to hear about it, leave a comment below!

Keep Traveling!