Chess and the Armada

To start this post, I want all of you to know what I'm talking about. Today, I have no intro, just this video. It should provide enough information for you to understand what I'm talking about. (I even used this video to supplement my information, because I haven't played chess in a few years.)

I think that, from the title and the video, you have caught on to what I'm about to post, no? I'll say it loud and clear now, I'm going to litter this post with chess analogies! In fact, it's going to be littered with them to the point that the litter becomes an art.

Oh dear, I'm getting ahead of myself, that was a writing analogy.

I was, about fifteen minutes ago, trying to get some research done on the Armada for my latest scene in A Swashbuckler's Promise (it's turning out in the writing, not the characters, poor them.) and looked up names to connect to faces. While I stuck with the narrator-cloud (as I like to think of it) over Deacon as usual, I called out to the next available person with my latest discovery,

"Hey, do the names Kane, Phule, Rooke, Bishop, and Deacon sound like chess pieces?" I asked. My statement was agreed with, and I started to look different things up and remember what little I knew about chess. What I got was something like this:

Kane - Sounds like "King"
Phule - ???
Rooke - Sounds like "Rook"
Bishop - Self-explanatory
Deacon - ???
(Mystery Female Clockwork) - ???

When I got a few things established from that, I took out my thinking cap (ah, the old W101 winged helmet) and started pondering the true meanings of the clockworks, as well as doing a little research. Here's what I've picked up:

  • Kane - Definitely the king. Being the commander of the clockwork armada, Kane is the one person that you need to take out to win the war, so or we think. In chess, you need to take out the king piece to win the game. (Doesn't it SOUND like "king" too?) 
  • Deacon - Deacon, as complicated as he is, comes with a complicated explanation. In chess, there are such things as "fairy pieces", which are not used in your normal game. They appear virtually as two pieces sort of combined, like the Nightrider (otherwise known as the Knightmare or unicorn) being an upside-down knight.  The piece I'll focus on, however, is the archbishop, one of the most easily described fairy pieces, in my opinion. An archbishop is simply a knight with a base, who has knight-like jumping abilities and the moving pattern of a bishop. Looking further, I found that another name for an archbishop was, yes, a deacon. In more religious terms, a deacon is "an ordained minister of an order ranking that below of a priest" (see credits), making me wonder if Deacon ranks below our next clockwork. Also mentioned was that it assists the minister, would that mean Kane?
  • Bishop and Phule - It was said, I believe on the P101 messageboards, that Bishop was the clockwork priest. While I can write for a long while on how this makes no sense at all, the name fits superficially and gives me more proof to my Deacon theory. Still, a deacon piece would have more power than a regular bishop. I'll need to get back to this. (Hmm, do these KingsIsle-ites play chess much?) As for Phule, I did a long bit of searching, and learned that a "fou" in French, or what is called a "fool" in English, if the little "canyon" in the side of a bishop, thus making Phule a bishop. I can also add on that the ridge is intended to make the piece a "Jester's Cap", and we all know what that means for Phule..
  • Rooke - Sadly, I don't know very much about Rooke, besides all that I have searched about him. What I have picked up was that he mentioned going to Marleybone to translate Marco Pollo's Map. However, with all of my chess analogies, it's safe to say that Rooke is supposed to resemble the rook chess piece. However, it is pointed out (see credits) that rooks are meant to resemble siege towers, meaning that something in Rooke the clockwork could be a problem for us. (wait, then who would be the other rook, and the other knight, if Deacon is a knight by classification?)
  • Mystery Female Clockwork - One-Eyed Jack, on the Pirate101 messageboards, said that the nameless and supposedly female clockwork in Kane's court was an important part of the storyline, and there's a reason that it hasn't been exploited just yet. While I may elaborate on this more (along with deacons and bishops) in another post, I'm thinking that this person is so important, that they would have to be one of the most powerful pieces yet, the queen! Since it's rumored that Ms. Nameless is Kane's wife (would that be Mrs. Kane's-Surname?), it would further imply that she would be the queen chess piece, if Kane is the king. 
  • Presidius, Corvus, Militius, and All the Rest of 'Em - All the other clockworks must be the pawns, the front linemen. Of course you don't see Kane and his court often, they're sending out their army of pawns to take any mindless pirates out of the competition. Of course, none of us are mindless pirates if we are getting hunted down by the court!
  • The Armada - The Spanish Armada Chess Set commemorates the 1588 battle of England and Spain. This makes sense because 1) Monquista and Marleybone feud, and 2) the battle was a historic maritime event, as was the creation and action of the Pirate101 Armada. 
Minus a rook and one or two knights (or one rook and one archbishop), I think that we can all come to the conclusion that the Armada is composed of chess pieces, and - hey, that's where the battleboard came from.....but would that mean...what about....

TO BE CONTINUED - there's SO much more to come!

Fairy Pieces:
Bishop the Priest:
Defining Deacon:,mod=10&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#hl=en&tbo=u&rlz=1C1LENN_enUS490US490&q=deacon&tbs=dfn:1&sa=X&ei=sl7eUNGyEYn5igK3lYGgDw&ved=0CDEQkQ4&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.1355534169,d.cGE&fp=93a0003da4073894&bpcl=40096503&biw=1049&bih=578 
Rooke and Marleybone:
Rook (chess):
Bishop Fool: