Step, Step, Glitch - My November Adventures

"Whoa-oh-oh!" I yelled one November afternoon as my eyes widened. My eyelids were like weights and I'm guessing that my sleep was interrupted by dreams of swords and....Cool Ranch? Either way, I was pretty darn tired, but I was playing Pirate101 in the middle of NaNoWriMo.  Of course, being me, I wasn't any length ahead, I was actually right on track minus the current day's words. I had a write-in to go to the following afternoon, so I saved my writing stamina and gamed on - but where was I?

IRL, I was on my bed laying on my stomach, clicking and typing wildly. In-game, however, I wasn't so sure - I was positive that I could get a better look at things if I could have opened my map. I could have, in fact, but then I'd get incredibly off track of everything else - for one, the point of view was almost entirely my mast (meaning that the game screen, if my avatar was average height) and about six feet above my pirate's head and maybe ten feet back. I think that was the day that I learned the true art of i-skyway-sailing - no windlanes coping and tougher points of view. 
"Where am I, where am I, where am I?" I kept chanting to myself, brushing my hair back with my free hand as I anchored the ship, pressing the TAB key to get into "token" mode. I hopped from the wheel and slid down the stairs, looking around for that perfect spot to cross windlanes. Just because the windlanes didn't want to auto-sail me, it didn't mean that they weren't enemy-free for a ship's width. The problem was that I couldn't see the mobs on the other side. (Still, I really like this one - adds another reason to fight with people and makes sailing a LOT more interesting, especially if you can switch around after reaching a certain nautical level.)

HELLO, and welcome to this wonderful post! Today, I'll be going through two things - at the same time! By writing about the glitches, I'll also be writing about how I've progressed, so ENJOY!
First off, I want to tell you all how I've been doing in Pirate101, because I've played a fair bit over NaNoWriMo (don't kill me!) and have progressed pretty close to my ending point in Beta. At the moment (5:51 AM), I'm not so sure how long this post is going to be, especially since my idea of a "long enough" post has definitely changed. Also, I have a few ideas for post intros, as you can see!

Cool Ranch for me is going quite nicely - just like in Beta, I am an under-leveled Swashbuckler who is itching to get to level 20 by defeating Froggo Villa. Of course, he keeps making that last hit when it's Bonnie : Froggo; 8 : 17 or something of the sort. I've been back and forth to the cave, but after five tries yesterday, I've given up and decided to ask for help when I have friends online. So far, I'm not happy about the diversity of the enemies, or the lack of it, for that matter. Really, I only see the soldiers and veterans for the musketeer Banditoads, and then the Stabber, Backstabber, or Assassin salamanders. Don't get me started on the population of Scorpions, too. However, I'm really liking my crew so far. Here's my general lineup:

First Mate - Who else, Sarah Steele! I promoted her over weekend two of NaNo and then partied over her snazzy hat before the write-in. (I didn't get the concept of "write more and be ahead!" just yet.) Sarah is really my best companion, I love how many critical attacks she has as well as her different skills - Riposte, Repel Borders, maybe something else, too...Either way, she gets these critical chains, where if I manually trigger or she triggers a critical, I've seen that she also criticals the next few hits as well - it works out quite well. The only downside is that she has poor health, but as a beta-patched Swashbuck, I know how to handle and cope with it. Also, her hits lag a LOT! I miss entire critical chains and rounds because of the lag, sometimes.

Favorite Ranged Companion - Ooh, this is a close one. One of the reasons I liked Sarah Steele was that her hits were very exciting and sounded brilliant, and that fact played a part in my decisions involving the ranged companions. The reason that Bonnie Anne (post first promotion) doesn't take top is because her attacks just don't make the cut when it comes to the show. When Bonnie fires, her shots look like something is just missing - something mainly resting in the sound of the impact that just didn't cut it with me. Of course, the sounds of Juan Mosca's (i.e. the crazy Monquistador's) crossbow hits are rather pleasing. Old Scratch makes OK sounding hits, but both he and Juan die very easily. While Bonnie Anne takes the top for battling, I'd love the sound to just improve a bit. Also, my sound "fizzles" a bit when Bonnie makes the shot by using her inner arms to hold the Scaramanga behind her back.

Favorite Melee Companion - This one is hard! Besides Sarah Steele, I have a LOT of melee attackers on my team. For starters, I'll make a list of them:

Mu Po, Swashbuckler, Ninja Pig
SUBODAI (whose name is just better in all caps), Buccaneer, Horse Barbarian (in promotion)
Fidalgo Ortega (or whatever his name was), Buccaneer, Monquistan Soldier (He sometimes comes in a weird red hat that doesn't look right.)
Gaspard De Vole, Buccaneer, Guinea Pig Guard
Ratbeard, Buccaneer, Rat Commader
(Soon to be Froggo Villa, Swashbuckler, Salamander - will not be included in results)

I think for this one, it's an even tie between Mu Po and Ratbeard. Having a three-person all Swashbuckler team with Mu Po, Sarah, and I is a pretty sweet deal - I'll have a lot of experience factors under control. However, Ratbeard has a variety of great skills like critical hits/rate and has been promoted, whereas Mu Po hasn't. I think it's a pretty fair deal here. I'm feeling a bit of uncensored language from Mu Po sometimes, though - I can't necessarily decode what he says sometimes in response to my commands, but my (sarcastically) wonderful mind automatically points it to a word that shouldn't be in the game.

Another glitch I have run into was the one where my ship was supposedly tied to a cliff and then zoomed in. Oh, that was a fun day. I had picked up new talents over in Skull Island, and was hurrying back to Cool Ranch for more Banditoad fights. However, when I entered the Flotsam skyway, I couldn't move! Also, I had a pretty inside view of my ship - sorry, housing enthusiasts - I didn't see any means of furniture. Of course, being me, I was not trying to get back to the dock - I was using my arrow keys to maneuver everywhere! In fact, I pressed TAB and didn't get anywhere! I tried teleporting back, but it did nothing!


Actually, now that I think and post about it, I'm pretty fed up with these glitches. In fact, I've been looking around at all the extensions of the game - P101 being released, then the bundles/cards, then the Prehistoric Bundle, then Azteca so quickly! I was wondering if KI was simply releasing things so fast that not all of the problems were covered, or if any of the problems were covered in-depth. In fact, I'm not the only one who thinks so!
me: ...Woah, just ran into a glitch where I steered the ship from the captain's point of view!
Swordroll: Weird! I'm running into several glitches, too, both in Pirate and Azteca...
It's all to sudden, to me. I mean, especially after the TWO MONTHS of Wysteria testing, there is a problem  with the about 20 day testing phase for Azteca. Azteca is a main storyline world that many an ambitious player will venture into, and with reports of many glitches from my friends, and then all of my stumbles around in Pirate101 (and there are a lot more!), I'm a little worried about impressing the quick-questers with tons of new content over their ability to actually play it.

What do YOU think? Do you really enjoy the rapid-fire content, regardless of any glitches or problems, or do you like to be able to get through things nice and smoothly, even if they take a bit longer? You know how much I love feedback - it can be as much as a comment or e-mail! One easy way to give feedback is by following the blog - it would mean a LOT to me! Also, I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from my readers, which is great; thanks, everybody!

Keep Traveling!



  1. Keep Froggo Villa as your companion, even though he doesn't upgrade he kills enemies very quickly with or without his critical, that is if you already didn't know about that.


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