November Leave - Picture Post 06

Hello! If you're reading this in November 2012, then I'm out writing for NaNoWriMo! I'll be back in December or if anything HUGE happens, but I have a lot of scheduled posts for you!

Keep Traveling!

Also, happy birthday to Frozen to Death. This date is the symbolic birthday for all of my fanfiction pieces, and for no apparent reason. On the birthday list:

Frozen to Death (actual launch - December 06 '11)
NERDS Fanfic (B, I know you're here somewhere) (launch Nov. 18 '10)
(sequel to NERDS Facfic) (launch Nov. 18 '11)
Stormi Triston: Fanfic of a Fanfic (launch November '11)
Stormi Triston II (Feb. '12)
The Untitled W101 Fanfiction (Nov. '11)
Undercoven (March/April '12)
A Survivor's Word (Sept/Oct. '12)
A Swashbuckler's Promise (Nov. '12)