NaNo Update

Dead-eye Destiny Devereaux considered not only her left eye, but her entire self to be dead, at least in a matter of minutes, sliding along a wall in Gullet. One false step and she would be up to her neck in cannons and swords. Destiny didn't even want to think about it, but she did, and it made her nauseous. 
"Jack said that he'd meet us here, so where is he?" Sarah Steele was among the most agile of The Sky's Ransom, and she decided to tag along with her captain for the meetup with One-Eyed Jack of Flotsam. 

He had promised, in return for a few interesting adventures from Destiny, a refill on the Sky's Ransom's collection of Mojo bottles. To Destiny, it sounded like a very good idea, mind the fact that in order to pick up her potions, she had to sneak into the Skull Island Skyways, to Jonah Town, then finally into Gullet, the location of her captivity for several days two weeks back. It unnerved her as much as Deacon would, to be back in her foul-smelling prison, but she and her crew survived on Mojo potion whenever food ran low or if the undead took her supplies. One-eyed Jack had never failed to fill her Mojo, as long as Destiny had something good up her sleeve. 
"There, there!" Sarah whispered, pointing to an abandoned warehouse. "That's where the coordinates lead." Destiny stalled and raised her hands, as if in surrender.
"THAT'S where he wants to meet us this time? Why not Waponi Wu? The Gold Mine?" Destiny knew the door of the warehouse by heart - she could smell the blood and almost the tears that she had shed when Marcus tried to use her to capture Delaney. Destiny once again felt the restraints on her arms, holding her away from escape, from walking, almost from breathing. Visions of Marcus (the shark)'s trident made her shudder. Destiny started to see stars at the corners of her eyes.
"Captain!" Destiny snapped awake, staring One-Eyed Jack in the face. "I'm sorry, I knew you didn't like it here - there wasn't any other -"
"Just...give me the Mojo." Destiny sighed, feeling for the large drawstring sack, taking a bottle out and uncorking it, downing its contents in one gulp. Her face regained its color. "Okay. We were camping in the woods near the lighthouse, gravedigging for weapons - we would need them if we were to survive the undead. Actually, Delaney, Juan and the Admiral were our searching for a rock to sharpen our dull blades on, for the fifth day now. You'll never guess how many days we held out near the cemetery site...."

Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know that I shouldn't really be here. I've been working very hard on NaNoWriMo day in and day out. At the time that I write this (11/5), I am at about 7,000 words and increasing - I am taking this project very seriously. I wanted to let you all know that you haven't been forgotten about - I check my blogroll every day after I finish writing (except for now, I have about 1300 words to go for today...oops...)

I wanted to check in with all of you, and remind you again to check out my NaNoBlog - DeidreDev's Blog!

Keep Traveling!