I Won National Novel Writing Month!

I'm using a different pen-name for
if/when I get this one actually going.
(who knows?)
Hey, everyone! I know it's been a while for many of you, and I apologize for being gone so long - I missed all of you very much while I was gone writing. However, you guys know that I have been out and about in the community, still - writing blog posts for my gaming just took up too much time into my novel. Now that I've won NaNoWriMo, I'm still going to be writing said novel, but I'll be going at a more leisurely pace, hopefully still 1667 words a day. This post is going to be a little jumbled up, but if you want to hear my noveling adventures, read on!

So, I've been trying to find ways to head my topics so they could be easier to find. I've tried a few ways over on DeidreDev's, but I'm still sort of stuck. So, my new idea for today is to just tell you to go and control+f the titles.

Rundown of My Novel, and Why I'm so Pumped
How I got around during NaNo, and shoutout to all my new friends!
Life Without Travels (gasp!)
How my writing has changed
 Plans for the Future

Rundown of My Novel, and Why I'm so Pumped

Oh gosh, this is still so hard to explain, even after a month of doing just so to my friends. BLUEPRINTED starts out with four woodshop-happy teenagers, two of which are close friends, and the other two lead separate lives until one of them (India) walks into the shop one day and the lights go out, just like that.

Have you ever thought about it? What if you could make something happen and get away with that it was just a random occurrence, that you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time? My cast is starting to find out that they can do it! My main character (Caleb) can measure things just by looking at them and taking a guess - turns out that he is never, ever wrong! Others from different likes and interests start appearing with different talents and powers, and Caleb suspects that it's one of them who burned down the woodshop shortly after the teacher disappears. On the run from a powerful bully and for a new shop, the cast finds out more about the whole phenomenon, and that their school isn't the only one facing problems.

How I got around during NaNo, and shoutout to all my new friends!

NaNoWriMo was a HUGE blast, and I only made my goal because of all the support that I got from my fellow writers! When you're in NaNoWriMo and your region is quite handy, you will be able to attend IRL write-ins, where "Wrimos" will be there already typing, most likely. There are a few write-ins that will be "official", that are held by the Municipal Liaison/s I think. Wrimos, check me on that one.
I operated under my pen-name Deidre Devereaux the entire time, and if you're a Wrimo reading this, I'm really sorry for confusing you guys; I'll always be that crazy teen in the scarf, though.  I attended write-ins at two different places, but found my home at the almost-independent bookstore just minutes from where I live - I made SO many new friends, and I love them all! Even though I was a tenderfoot and a tad bit younger than most of (Hi, Nicole!) the participants, I was treated like one of them almost immediately! Props, you guys!

Life Without Travels (gasp!)

Oh my goodness, where do I start? Having to spend a month trying to stay off of Travels was pure AGONY, and I checked my blogroll every day to keep things going! If you were ever on DeidreDev's, then you could see that many of my posts were still under D.S. Devereaux; and if I ever chatted with you over the month, then you know that I've been around, working my Yum off every day.
I had created special scheduled posts on October 28, and I often didn't feel like they were enough! I admit that I played a lot of P101 (still) over the month, even when I was supposed to be writing; I'm in Cool Ranch now! However, I got to toss around a LOT of great post ideas!

How My Writing Has Changed

Over the course of NaNoWriMo, I have amassed a book's worth (get it?) of knowledge about writing under pressure and still making it OK. Because I have participated in so many "sprints" (where one would write as fast as possible for ten minutes and compare their wordcount for that time to others. My record is 954!), I have learned to balance my speed with my finesse, to learn to make my writing still acceptable...well, except for that time when I wrote 954 words - I'll need to rewrite that one!

Of course, my fiction has most definitely taken a turn for the better - my blog posts, I can't really say. (This is a comment opportunity - is this ANY better than what I have previously posted?) I'm more comfortable with writing more words, and I can safely say that 1,000 words is now a breeze.

 Plans for the Future

Just because I have won NaNoWriMo, nothing says that I have finished my novel - no! I think I have gotten through half of the plot already, and I'm excited to write more, even if it's at a slightly more leisurely pace. I have started writing a little bit of A SWASHBUCKLER'S PROMISE and filled one character spot so far. I'm going to go ahead and finish my novel, yesiree, and CreateSpace will give me (a NaNo winner) five free copies of my book! I looked around on the site and also found an option to "indie" publish to Kindle, but I still have a while to think about that.

Well, the informational posts should be coming around the corner soon enough - I'll see you then! First post should be near or just after the first of December.

Keep Traveling!


P.S. - Hello, one recurring spammer! Please know that I have BLOCKED you from commenting under an anonymous user.

P.P.S. - Minus this message, this post is 1,041 words.


  1. Congrats on winning NaNoWriMo! I just recently startes following your blog, ant I really like your fan fiction! I can't wait to see more of it.

  2. Dear Cowan,

    Hey - thanks for following, it means a LOT! I'm really glad that you enjoy my fanfiction, too. Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  3. I knew you could do it Destiny, I was cheering you on the whole way.


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