Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 28:

Hello! If you're reading this in November 2012, then I'm out writing for NaNoWriMo! I'll be back in December or if anything HUGE happens, but I have a lot of scheduled posts for you!

Hey Readers,

I'm writing this on October 28th, but nonetheless, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I was planning on making a huge thankful list and I might edit this post when the time comes.

Nov. 15:

Here's my thankful list for this year

  • All 34 followers
  • The great friends I have made
  • my writing
  • grades
  • roof over my head
  • safe food and water
  • P101 membership
  • accessible electricity, heat, air-con
  • my dog, cat, and family
  • All of you! Like I said in what was probably my last actual post, from my best friends to my worst nemesi, I'm thankful for all who are reading this. 

Because I am thankful for all of you, I wanted to give you all something. However, I don't have enough "stuff" to give to "ALL" of you, and nor do I have anything in the likes of a giftcard or crowns. I tried to do my best with these prizes, and I hope that you enjoy them!

  • One Character Profile - That's right! I'm giving one lucky person to have their name and P101 character be a part of A Swashbuckler's Promise - if they win! You'll have a few options, and I'll e-mail you with them via friendconnect if you win!
  • One Post Editing Service - Being the Chief Editor for KingsIsle Universe, I'd be happy to help look through either five of your unpublished posts, or one series under ten segments, to make them as shiny as possible! 
  • Three Blog Makeovers! - Okay, so I'm no graphics wizard, but I have enough supplies at the ready to make new banners, and I've taken enough screenshots for kick-troggy backgrounds. There will be no watermarks on the winners' loot. 

  • Erm, yes; you must be following Travels to get entries. I'm a little desperate, see. 
  • I will not edit profanity-ridden posts, or posts meant to annoy me. (cough)
  • If the character you send is inappropriate or doesn't follow "the rules", then you're automatically out and I'll draw another person. 
  • If your needs (for your blog) are too high and I can't do them, I'll kindly tell you and recommend my backup prize or a different header/background/etc. 

Keep Traveling!
  a Rafflecopter giveaway This post is dedicated to Blaze Shadowhorn, my brother-at-heart. Long live his frosty legacy as he ventures forth in reality.


  1. Thanks for the contest! I love your story, and I think this blog is perfect just the way it is. :)

  2. I like it all, but I would widen the blog a little, just enough to allow tohe top paragraphs a few more words per line

  3. Dear Aaron,

    I have the blog a little smaller than it should be to fit my banner. However, if/when I make a new one, widening the blog will be the first thing I intend to do. Thanks!



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