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Woah, woah, woah, WOAH!! OK, KI - hold your fire, you're making my blog update feed go insane.
  • New Packs
  • Halloween in the Spiral
  • P101 release date
  • Spiral Date Update
  • KU Update
  • Fan fiction
  • AAAHHHH!!!!
    (Heh, this is how I plan my posts, and I got overwhelmed at the end)
Greetings, Spiralites! Today I got an overload of updates, so I'm going to post them all in short bursts.
        First off, here's a followup on my recent post. No, it's not the formula for Spiral Dates, but I got a reply from One-Eyed Jack:

"Ahh!  It’s just one of those great mysteries of the spiral. ;)"

Of course, I'm not really going to take that as a full answer, but here's what I can come up with:

  • There is something to it - and we'll find out soon enough!
  • There is no constant day-by-day increase, but there is a reason to that.
  • There is a constant - we just have to figure it out!
If you have ideas, don't be afraid to comment or e-mail them! Now then, on to the post!

 Halloween Packs for Wizard101! 

Can you smell it in the air, wizards? Even from here (just off of Valencia) I can almost feel the smoke from burning jack-o-lantern candles - or maybe that's just my ship. Either way, the celebration has begun in the wizarding Spiral, and there's fun to be had! Blaze Shadowhorn, author of Tales of the Spiral, posts this:
The New Packs:
Spider Pack
Decorating Pack
What's so special about these?

Spider Pack:

1 Spider Altar
1 Spider Porringer
1 Spider Table
1 Spider Egg Sac
1 Spider Chalice
1 Spider Vase
1 Spider Vessel
1 Webbed Haunted Imperial Shrine
1 Webbed Haunted Monk Shrine
1 Webbed Haunted Samoorai Shrine
Graveyard Pack:
1 Pointed Grave
1 Arched Grave
1 Angled Gravemarker
1 Elephant Gravestone
1 Crossbone Gravestone
1 Zafaria Graveyard Theme
1 Graveyard Tree
1 Customizable Gravestone Sign
1 Slanted Grave
1 Tall Grave
Decorating Pack:

1 Halloween Cauldron
1 Pumpkin
1 Fat Pumpkin
1 Tall Pumpkin
1 Ghost Doodle Stand
1 Ghoul Doodle Stand
1 Scarecrow Doodle Stand
1 Vampire Doodle Stand
1 Witch Doodle Stand
1 Witchdoctor Cauldron
1 Witchdoctor Mask
 WOW, that's a lot of loot! I can't wait to see some nice decorating from these items!

Pirate101 Launch Date Announced!

You heard me! For a few months, I've been annoying the non-players IRL about Pirate101, and now they can finally try it! Pirate101 will be released for Bundle Buyers on October 8th, and will be released to everybody on October 15th! Check this Venture Beat article explaining more!

Beta Players: What are you most anticipating when you get to play Live? Is there one change to gameplay that you wanted to see? What about the crowd?
(I don't like the tokens on deck - it's already hard enough for me to battle broadside, but this just makes it frustrating!)

First-time Live Players: What is one thing that you're sort of scared to do in Pirate101?

KingsIsle Universe

KU is still up and running! The staff is working very hard to fill in data pages and keep the forums running, etc etc. To all the people who have applied as staff in the past week, we are having a teensy holdup and we'll try to get the applications through ASAP. Thanks!

Fan Fiction

Phew, this is the last thing on the list. My fanfiction is going well, just working through a few kinks and other things. 

Expect a more lively post soon!

Keep Traveling!
a very tired Des


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