Update Overload (Part II)

"OW!" Destiny Soultamer rubbed her head as a newspaper flew into it. "This is magical and all, but can't these guys get better aiiiiii-" She ducked as a few more flyers zoomed past her head - and was that a cutout? She stayed close to the ground until the waves of news stopped.
"What is all this stuff?" Hallowe'en specials glowed brightly in the mess, as well as letters from her cousin Destiny Devereaux, who sported the eyepatch quite nicely. Several stamps covered the back of the pirate's letters - who knew how much she had gone through to get them to her house, much less Wizard City?

Dear Destiny S., 
Things have been absolutely crazy over here! Don't worry - the crew is doing fine, and the Rogue is in fine condition. I'm back in Skull Island and working on my fencing; I feel guilty of picking  up a few odd talents instead of perfecting my natural ones. Sarah is great, maybe the best!But enough about just me. I don't think you heard about the Armada jailbreak today - pirates were everywhere, swarming the taverns and marching through the caves! Me? I fled to a crab hideout and made it my own - I'm not such a big fan of hug crowds; how did you stand the Ball you tell me about? Anyhow, I've heard from, eh...resources, that Hallowe'en is quite the celebration in your end of the Spiral. What kinds of things are there? You sent me pictures last year of the decorations, but I want to know more - who is this Spooky Bob? It sounds like a pirate's moniker to me! Anyhow, the crew says hello - but they're out right now trying to get supplies in one way for another. The Armada hasn't been so bad to me personally, but I poked my head out of the cave near the end of the jailbreak and I got surrounded! They were everywhere - Avery must have been in such distress, having the Armada in Skull Island! 
Anyhow, write to me soon - maybe teach me a few tricks!
"Dead-eye" Destiny Devereaux
- - - - -
- - - - -

Hey gang,

I've been really busy lately, and a letter is what I could come up with quickly for the time being. I totally missed out on "Jailbreak", the sneak peek party on P101. Also, Hallowe'en is in the Spiral!

Keep Traveling!


  1. You missed out on it!At least see my point of view of how it happened.


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