Sink Vs. Slash Pt. C - Skyway Schematics 102, pt. II

Oh dear, that was a long title, wasn't it?

Before I go over the possibly last SinkvSlash segment, I wanted to update you all on what I am doing in Pirate101 currently. at the moment, I have begun questing in Puerto Mico, where I have been offered the choice (in order to pass on a treaty from Avery, I need to...not look like a pirate who escaped a volcano) to either pay 50,000 gold coins (plus labor) or defeat five House Guzman ships. Since I had just gotten my hands on part of Gunn's gold, maybe I could have paid the monkey, but did I have a choice? Not really - who said a pirate's life was all treasure hunts and arguments between the crewmembers? (see right) is the possibly last segment of Sink vs. Slash and/or the Skyway Schematics, though there might be more in the future. I'm going to cover team-sailing and why it's good - not not as. Lastly, I'll make a conclusion on what is to be done: Sink, or Slash?

It was only yesterday that I was instructed to defeat more ships, oh joy. Why couldn't I have just defeated that darned monkey in his place and handed the treaty off? It sickens me to wonder what that clothier is putting together for me.
Of course, the decisions came about again - Sink or Slash? This time, I had a few friends on board. Here is what I have to think about:


  • Solo - don't have to worry about tokens
  • Team - can get rid of tokens, but what good would they do if I sank the opponent?
  • Solo - a little harder to find a battle that doesn't have a lot of people wanting to slash
  • Team - Do they all gain credit?

  • Solo - could be outnumbered
  • Team - Can get rid of tokens
  • Solo - Tokens could be harmful
  • Team - more members = more enemies = longer battle(s)
Now, the aspect of time comes into play .

Time: (*educated guesses based on my experiences)
  • Solo Sink - A few minutes
  • Solo Slash - 5 to 20 mins, depending on diffuculty*
  • Team Sink - Still a few minutes (Note that team members will NOT get credit for your sinks)
  • Team Slash - 10 to 30 minutes, depending on difficulty*
If you're on a crunch for time, then sinking the opponent is still your way to go. However, you'd just be giving your team-mates a free ride. What if that could be changed? With the addition of tokens, they could be a part of team-sinking. Depending on the size of your ship and number of riders, they could each dispel a number of tokens to gain credit for the sink if they need it. This would eliminate getting credit for doing nothing (even though it isn't possible at the moment, sinking wise) AND the tokens! 

Let's say that you have a raft, though. There runs the risk of you not really knowing what you're doing - maybe you're a new player and haven't gotten a chance to really try out your broadside skills before you get boarded. I can say right now that if you need something that you'll come out of alive, you should slash. Make sure your friends are clearing your tokens, so they're prepared to take on the enemies! 

Remember, you're more likely to "loot" your opponents if you fight them. When Live hits (if this was scheduled, then "hits" becomes "hit"), it will be hard to find anybody who isn't slashing, mind a wandering enemy ship! Good luck, happy sailing, and..


  1. I am in Monquista right now, bit going to hice any spoilers, but those monkeys are going yo infuriate you for a long time xD

  2. I, as you know, prefer my sinking in most cases, however, is it just me, or did the ships increase in difficulty overall, making "slashing" all the more appealing? Not only that, but I may have to click a button every ten seconds in broadside combat, while I can leisurely fight hand-to-hand if multitasking.

    When I do want to sink, I have to first avoid launch day (LOL), and then find one or two other ships that are working in the same area. Unfortunately for newer players, they think they can just sail circles right around the ship until it's sunk, and they end up boarded. And it happens over and over. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be getting around that anytime soon.

    What you can do is be the first to attack in a group. That means that you're the only ship that can board initially and the only ship that can be boarded. Just keep out of range while you and the other ships take the enemies down. Besides, who doesn't love cannons firing from a million different directions?

    Love the sink or slash posts!

    Happy blogging,


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