Poetry and Miscellaneous Answers

Floating over the ice-chilled Yum,
Tears form in Steele's eyes that I can't wipe away. 
It's more surprising than saddening
That they'll do it again
For me.

Piece by piece,
The Majestic Rogue becomes The Majestic Mess.
I wish I could inhale the sails
As they swirl around, binding me in fibers of trust
That are almost tangible

Four worried souls
"Are we alone?" I hear them cry. 
I want to land and pat their backs.
"I'll see you soon enough," Forms on my lips.
Do they know I'm here? 

The pull of the skyways is magnetizing. 
I can feel it already, the strands of blue
The warmest sweater and a bone-shattering chill
[Are] my only kind welcome to the week ahead.

Hey gang,

If you've been reading, then you've noticed that almost all of my posts these days have been fiction pieces, or in today's case, poetry. There are a few reasons to why I'm doing this:

a) Time. I am on a very busy schedule and it's hard for me to think through expository posts. I can shake out a post-length fiction piece in a matter of minutes - with my best quality. I miss my research posts, and I'll find a time to make one!

b) NaNoWriMo. Plus ten points if you know what I'm talking about. This November, I'm going to write a novel - just for the heck of it! National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, is a "tradition" that has been going on for several years. I feel like I can write up a 60,000 word novel this year - let's see if it'll happen! I will be posting on another blog about my NaNo adventures during November (which will mean that, yes, there will be no Travels in November). I'll need all the fiction practice that I can get on my hands!

c) I'm too busy playing Pirate101 in head-start!

Keep Traveling!


  1. Too busy!I am stuck on Gortez and you say you're busy!Worst ten bucks every spent in my life, joking.


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