Pirate101 Fanfiction Opens!

Deep in the mess of a house party, an envelope hit Destiny Soultamer square in the face. In front of her, after a prolonged silence, sheepish grins escaped faces around her, followed by giggled and then obnoxious laughing. She peeled the envelope off of her face and saw a simple postcard:

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"It's your friend...your sister?"
"Should be," Destiny S. answered to Keller. He dug out a piece of paper from the envelope.

Sorry this couldn't fit on the postcard! The Tradewinds Tribune is accepting submissions for stories of my adventures! I have been working on such a piece, recollecting all of my memories - and I think it will make the cut. I know you're quite the writer yourself, could you perhaps send me a few tips? I really want to impress the Tribune and get my work read. Who knows?

That's right! I'm pretty pumped for submitting my fanfiction, which I already have! Check out submission guidelines here, and happy writing! Remember, if you're a pirate under the age of 13, please confirm with a parent or guardian before you submit. Yarr!

Keep Traveling!