Heads Up, Betabucklers!

Betabuckler (/BAY-tuh-BUK-lehr/)

Noun: Beta tester for the game Pirate101
Synonyms: Beta Pirate
(And yes, I just made that up.)

Hello, everyone! I have some pretty cool news about Pirate101's end-of-beta and almost-live...ness...If you can't tell, I'm recovering from a lot of running and tennis lately - I thought I'd get a post out, though.
This post is to announce the beta gift for all the betabucklers who have logged in during testing - and it's worth reading for! Of course, when I said that, you're thinking one thing.

Oh dear, here you go again. Not the fiction!

My dear friend, you could not be any more right. Now then, this won't hurt a bit - I promise you!
"DEVEREAUX!!" The words echoed for several seconds in Destiny's head, or maybe time had been slowed to a crawl. Either way, the clippers that Destiny had on hand were rusty and out of use - then again, she had only half of an idea of what snapping the wires before her (connecting to the wheel) could do. There was a little doubt that they would do anything - maybe the coils were for different purposes like interior lighting - but there was no harm in trying. The cold air nipped at Destiny's fingertips, which were sticking out of woolly gloves, as they pressed down on both sides of the clippers. Maybe they would stop the ship and she could get everybody out - or maybe they would stop a fleet of tethered clockworks.
No, they're smarter than that.
Destiny heard loud clicks on the deck - steps that got closer with every rising thought.
"Back, are you? You couldn't keep yourself away from the brilliance of Kane? Or are you going to surrender?"
Destiny had a bone to pick with Deacon, definitely. In fact, Destiny felt a pang of relief when he turned up.
Finally, I get to smite his clockwork head off and use it as a mantle-piece, dissect his mind and find what makes him tick. Take Kane from the -
There was a reason why Destiny was more of a fighter than a thinker, in some ways. For one, her thoughts made her giddy, the second was that they took forever to form, enough time for Deacon to make his entry move - which doubled as his signature, at least for Destiny. Before she could process it, a barrel exploded and shot her back into the mess of wires, leaving no time for Destiny to draw her sword and cut herself free.
"Too bad your friends aren't here anymore, Destiny." Deacon hissed her name with a poisonous look under his mask - or at least Destiny thought. She struggled and writhed at a piece of barrel in her face. She closed her other eye and prepared for impact, and heard metal clash on metal.
"Wake up." Destiny immediately put her hand on her face, and a strong arm pushed it down. "You shouldn't touch it. It's dead already." Destiny opened her free eye and sat up, and looked at the first thing in her lap - a patch.
"You're kidding me," she moaned, as several faces came into sight. "You're...kidding me, right?" Destiny
dragged her knees to her chest.
"Leave 'er alone, Chaz. Lass just got up." Destiny heard shuffling and she swung her legs over the side of a slightly uncomfortable bed. Deacon had won.
You heard me - D.D.D. will live up to her Dead-eyed name! the gift for beta testers is the Pioneer's Eyepatch! It comes with the healing talent Rouse - great for sticky situations! Betabucklers and Booch-buyers will get this special gift when they get into Head Start/Live!

Keep Traveling!