Happy Birthday, Ria!

Cue the fanfare! On this day many years ago (as not to reveal anything), our dear founder Imagination/Ria Drake was born, and today we rejoice in another year passing.

Ria, thank you for being so kind to me when I was going through hard times and helping me out when I needed it, the list is endless but when you opened up KU, I entered a place where I felt very cared about and at home. All the hard work that you've put into this site has made a difference in me, if not many others as well. Thanks for making the staff's avatars and paying for the domain name - and for looking through my writing when I needed a critic. When you go do something special today, I want you to have a spring in your step, and know that we're all behind you.
Keep Traveling on life's path. Like every trail, yours will have its own unique twists and turns. Stay on it, and you'll find yourself surrounded by your success. Happy birthday to a very treasured friend.