Captain's Log 90398.57

Around 90398.57 Blog-time

I visited Madame Vadima today. After several occasions of helping her with her supplies, she offered to read my future. Frankly, I didn't want to know how Kane would retrieve my head - so I made an odd request; to read the past. Vadima smiled at me, as if I were one of her own apprentices. She let me hold her crystal while she waved her tattooed hands over it, and my vision became enveloped in a bright light. 
It was...interesting, and I felt like I was there for days. I learned that pirating and wizardry were concepts of the past, sometimes frowned upon, other times glorified. When I got let out, the journey had only taken seconds, and I was wiped out! Vadima bid me farewell and I continued on my journey - after a quick stop in my bunkhouse for a nap. 

Hello, readers! Today, I learned something rather interesting - the key to Spiral Dates. 

Three days following Spiral Date 416783

Phew - that was a ride, definitely! For nights, I have spent quality time with my Texas Instruments calculator, my iPod, and a few friends, trying to crack the code to Spiral Dates. Of course, the answer was right under my nose - and thanks to Swordroll and Kelsey Fireheart, I could finally put together an answer!

Being a "Trekkie", or lover of Star Trek, Kelsey found the similarities of Stardates and our Spiral Dates. Stardates were used as time-holders in Star Trek, just as Spiral Dates track ours now. After a little fiddling around, I found this: 

Stardates - "A stardate is a five-digit number followed by a decimal point and one more digit. Example: "41254.7." The first two digits of the stardate are always "41." The 4 stands for 24th century, the 1 indicates first season. The additional three leading digits will progress unevenly during the course of the season from 000 to 999. The digit following the decimal point is generally regarded as a day counter."

Wonderful Dali painting describing both my situation
and my poor, aching brain.
I decided to fiddle around more with my calculator and a handy internet stardate calculator, I got a few answers. The one trade-off to my finding is that I tried a few more calculators and got very different answers. I used this site to find my answers to current stardates, but they not be at all correct - beware!

I conclude this successful investigation with a hip-hip-hoorah, a yawn, and hunger - hunger for not only some serious dessert, but another challenge! Nice job, everyone - and KEEP TRAVELING!


Good night, do have a peaceful rest,
Don't intake Batacuda's Breath;
There may not be a safe cranny in the ship,
So long as you're dreaming, the Skyways shan't nip.

Sheathe your sword, and hang your sheath,
Nothing astray lies beneath;
The sway is your cradle, the rigging your canopy,
So long as you're dreaming, the new day will dawn.