Beta Be Over, Me Buckos

Destiny somersaulted over the balcony, overlooking Avery's Court. She used her arms like parachutes to sort of slow her fall, though it wasn't too far. Gaping, she saw her feet aim right at somebody. There was no time to change her position. No time, the pirate would -
Destiny landed roughly on the cobblestone. Everyone around her gasped as they too disappeared.
"This can't be happening!" She yelled, sliding down the edge of the wall into the shopping area, towards the tavern, the one place where she could possibly be safe from whatever Hoodoo was making everyone disappear.
Destiny, ignoring the fact that she had a ladder at her disposal, leaped into the tavern cellar and joined her anxious crew.
"Get down! I heard pops outside - could be anythin'." Destiny felt a bit of deja vu as she pressed her hands on the table. Sarah stood on the opposite end and grit her teeth.
"Hang in there, captain." Was all she could sputter.

 "I think she'll be back, and soon." Subodai scratched his chin.
"What makes you think that?" Bonnie Anne sighed and took off her hat.
"An ancestor of mine once told me of a powerful force called...called the Wipe." Sarah wiped off her tears and sat down.
"The Wipe is where all pirate-kind would disappear and come back...different."
"Different? But I liked Destiny." Sarah sighed.
"She won't know us, Sarah. She won't know how to fight. It will...happen all over again. You'll see. It normally takes a day, but a lot of damage seems to undo itself. We should stay out of gates and doors - they could close on us."
"But, how do we get our captain back?" Bonnie Anne asked.
"We find out where we met, and go there.." Subodai removed his plume and put on his old hat. "I need to go mess with Deacon. Bonnie, to Skull Island. Sarah, be safe here."
"Right on."
"We'll meet again soon enough."

Keep Traveling!



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