10 Reasons to Buy Companion Points

Dearest Destiny Soultamer,

There was another jailbreak this morning, and it scared the batacuda's breath out of me! (a batacuda is a really big flying fish - they taste really good, but they have teeth like a tiger's) Unlike last time, I was determined to keep all of the ship-jumpers on Skull Island instead of hiding out. I have to say that it went quite well - so many others had the same idea!

An armada clockwork is like a fancy Marleybonian golem, I think. They're huge, and their armor shines so much that the axes can blind unwary pirates. A few pirates and I teamed up; together we were two swashbucklers, a privateer, and a witchdoctor (who could make jokes out of missed hits). I stumbled upon a few clockworks with my new friends - we had just defeated Joey Karo, Fin Dorsal, and Marcus - we were ready to go back to Avery's mansion and take a break for Yum, but did the clockworks let us? You bet not! 
What's the water-proofing spell? Dissipatus-something?

In the beginning, I tried to fight with the Mooshu Falcon in my backpack, but I couldn't move around without feeling it jolt. If I broke it, or lost it in the battle, then my face wouldn't even peek into Skull Island without getting a blow. (I'd probably move to Puerto Mico, it's nice there, but I still don't want it to happen.) Mid-jump, I tossed the falcon (swashbucklers have good catches, but bad aim) to the musketeer (other way around), and thankfully he caught it. The rest of the battle went quite smoothly, and we let six pirates flee to Avery's Court, one of the last safe places on the island.

Hope things are going well for you!

"Dead-eye" Destiny Devereaux

(Post up ahead!)

Hello, pirates! (If you couldn't tell, I'm converting the blog.) Thanks for all your wonderful feedback on my pageview post - I really appreciate that people took the time to comment - I even got one follower! Lately, I've been working hard on KU, writing my fan-fiction, preparing for NaNoWriMo, and working on a lot of posts! I think school is helping me generate a lot of ideas.

Today, I'll be covering the greatest invention in Pirate101 since the blade (or maybe the rudder) - companion training points for gold. You heard me! Training points. For Gold.

If you're not familiar with companion training points, or CTPs for short, they train your companions. It takes between one and five points for you to level a companion up once. The way to use less points is to be several levels above your team, and each point will give a companion once level up until they use up more, which is not normally more than once, for the sake of your battles.

Q: How do you keep A) a lot of points and B) a leveled team?
A: Buy them!


1) Solo Easily! If you have a level 2 Subodai and the rest of your crew is within a higher level range, then he'll hold your battles back. If you like to solo (which is highly effective, let me tell you!), then this is your way to go. If you keep your companions closer, then you can make easier damage estimates and make battles really efficient.
 2) Make Slashing Easier! If you have to slash, having a balanced crew will make things easier to get around. Plus, if you need an easy way out of sinking an enemy, you don't have to worry about underleveled companions! (Put your overleveled near the front of the line! I'm an underleveled pirate, so when I get companions, they're sometimes "better" than me.)
 3) Because your companions are more evenly leveled, your success rate becomes quite high. If your best team (as a swash) is Gaspard, Sarah, and Bonnie Anne, you don't have to worry if you draw Subodai, Ratbeard, and Old Scratch. More success means less time wasted looking for blue Yum-Yum fruit and getting caught.
 4) So, let's say this happens - and that Bonnie has four health left. Chumba Wumba takes care of her nice and easy. Thankfully, Bonnie wasn't the strongest point, and we could all make it out safe and sound. (By the way, safe and sound lied between 10 - 20 health that day.)
 5) They're Convenient!

Take a look - Professor Byron is just inside the Kraken Skulls, with points for sale!
(See no. 8 for more)
 6) This one trails off from no. 1. If your companions are all equally leveled, then you can eliminate the challenge of speed-addition (even if you come equipped with a calculator like I do. True fact.). If you're level 10, you do around 45 damage, give or take. Divide the enemy's health by that average number and the answer would be how many times you need to attack it for it to be defeated, mind that it doesn't dodge.

 7) Get 'Em While They're Hot!
Training tomes (CTPs), are incredibly cheap in the beginning of the same, at only 300 gold per point. You can have up to ten total and they become more pricy as you level higher. There are quests that give you extra training tomes, too. You can only have 10 training tomes at a time
8) They're Everywhere!
That's right! CTPs can be found in every tavern that you go to, with a professor and a sparkly book. I believe that every professor is a pelican.
9) Who Doesn't Like Taverns?
Besides having plenty of training tomes, taverns are a hotspot for several things - Yum, cards, fights, free hats (see right), and the cellars where you can talk to your crew - without being listened in on! Of course, the barkeeps are very interesting - you'll find me at the Black Spot sometimes just demanding a rematch with One-Eyed Jack (as in the NPC). Crafty little rabbit - if he tricks me again, he goes to the next person who asks a batacuda from my inventory!

10) In a nutshell, companion points are so this doesn't happen!

Keep Traveling!


  1. Elizabeth GoldenThistleOctober 18, 2012

    What exactly do you mean by "converting the blog?"

  2. I mean that I can't play W101 anymore. :P Too much money over the year, and too little time.

  3. Your catching up to me, I am stalling on Valencia with side quests and the first promotion for Sarah Steele.

  4. Elizabeth GoldenThistleOctober 18, 2012

    Ohhh. Sad.

  5. @Cass - I still have a long ways to go.
    @Elizabeth - Close one door, another opens.

  6. Funny. I could make a list of 10 reasons NOT to buy companion points. (And maybe I will sometime, just to be interesting. I think I will.) Just a question: since you're converting the blog to a Pirate blog, are you still following Wizard blogs (like mine)?

  7. @Soph - Of course I'll still be following Wizarding blogs! Also, that post sounds like a great idea!



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