September 2, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday, Wizard101! ($20 Giftcard)

Who would guess that it has been four years since Wizard101 hit live? I'm impressed by the long-term dedication by the community that has really pushed this game along with the amazing creators at KI. In honor of this, I'm holding a contest!

Prize: $20 Wizard101 Giftcard, EITHER 2 months of membership/benefits OR 10,000 crowns. Also included is a frost cat pet. One winner.

When I was thinking of a contest to celebrate W101's birthday, I wanted to create something that could be done for people with different talents and not require mastery in any one thing but a little bit of a few.

For this prize, I have a few things for you to do:

REQUIRED FOR EITHER ENTRY TYPE: Take a screenshot in either game (Wizards or Pirates), anywhere!

Entry type 1: Recreate your screenshot! Know the perfect hiking spot that looks EXACTLY like Shady Forest? Snap a photo! Think you can draw Diego the Duelmaster? Go for it! Drawing your wizard/pirate is not necessary if you are in the picture, I understand how hard it is to draw them. Be creative, though!

Entry type 2: Make a 5+ letter acronym that describes your photo. An acronym is a word whose letters each represent a different word each making a chain of words that make sense. Make sure your word makes sense with your screenshot too.
C.O.M.B.A.T. Would be used for a picture in which Bonnie Anne takes damage from clockworks.

Be sure to attach your original picture with your entry, and send them to!

Well, good luck everybody! This contest ends in one week (9/9/12).

Keep Traveling!

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