The Power of Friendship

Over the course of the  weeks, unless I'm on break or if something huge happens, my posts will be more focused on more community centered topics - and I have a LOT in store this semester! Of course, I'll be on P101 regularly on weekends and such - don't you worry!
Also, I'm going to (officially) use this post as a comparison post over the next few months. My guess is that I'll have a writing-centered post once in December and then in March comparing the posts made then. However, this post may end up as a resource for many posts that require something to compare with.

Today's topic is, as stated in the title, THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. Friendship really is the thing that ties our community together, and in a positive way can break it up. In this post, my goal is to explain a bit on that, and to use a few examples on what could happen. Perhaps with that, my biggest challenge for this post is to not stereotype any examples (no names will be in examples either) or to categorize to the point of stereotyping. Back to my parens (short for parentheses - and not a typo of 'parents'), no examples will have names or any hints to names - and I'll try to make examples relevant to all ages.

Phew, now that all the promises have been made, let's get on to that post!

Friendship In the Blogosphere

Since the early days of Travels of the Thaumaturge, and I'm talking maybe this time of year in 2011, I have just been in awe by how friendly the people in this community are. I stopped by blogs congratulating friends on different things, mentioning newer blogs (like mine back then), and giving out prizes - which I took as a big deal in 2011. Of course, there had to be some sort of connection between blogs and friendship.

Hypothesis: Bloggers in our community will support each other if they are supported.
Reason: Whenever I am boosted by the help and words - or even the presence of a friend, I feel more apt to help people.

In an anonymous survey of five people (due to time restrictions), five out of five said that they felt happy when talking with friends, and most importantly, four out of five questioned said that they felt more apt to help others when feeling supported - and I can relate!

Actually, I was at

So...What Does That Mean?

In conclusion, this means that support really does help - even though I questioned five people only, I can "just tell" by looking around that the community is very supportive of one another; thus resulting in a positive version of Blade Storm, sort of spreading the kindness around. Even though I can't prove my hypothesis true, I wanted to give you all a challenge:

Spread the love! If people start breaking the chain here, then general support for bloggers might cease, and that whole cycle might break up! I know that if it wasn't for the early followers, commenters, and friends on Travels, this blog wouldn't be what it is today!

Well, Keep Traveling!



  1. You are so right! :) Kindness is kind of contagious ;)

  2. Friendship is worth more than a chest of gold.


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