Santa Rana, El Toro, and Other News

Blaze needed help with Fin Dorsal - and I helped him,
all right. In fact, I killed Fin in one strike.
"It's simply the Hub." Destiny takes off her stetson hat and tattered coat, hanging them both on pegs near the door. Although she described the room as 'simple', you can tell that it's far from it. A royal red rug supports a long table, and different kinds of weapons dangle from wall holsters - swords, daggers, a shining thunderbus musket, even a glowing orb! The table had different things scattered on it - maps, pictures, hand-drawn diagrams, small books, and empty bottles of Yum. You take off your hat and place it in your folded arms - if the room was nicely decorated, then how did it stand a chance against enemy attack? 
"The crew is in a another room, prob'ly sleepin' for what I reckon." And Destiny is partially right. The top half of a door opens, and to your surprise, there is no bottom. Out of the opening crawled a salamander.
"Toro is no friend of mine." To your surprised gaze, none other than Froggo Villa hopped to the Hub's floor. "Look at him - gloating, telling stories. When will we be there, and what was that rumbling?"
"A minor attack," Destiny said with a rather bored tone. "We have a guest, well," Destiny turns to look at you, "If you need a ride to Arroyo Grande, that is."

I'm glad you survived my intro today! Shortly after the first mention of El Toro, I hopped on Pirate101 to get some questing done.
My obstacle today was Castillo Sapo - the location of Santa Rana, El Presidente of Santo Pollo. Bloody Justin West tagged along for the adventure, though the first battle didn't go very well - even with the aid of another crew, we were heavily outnumbered, versus my solo runs. Justin left after the "entry" battle to upgrade his companions (which I almost called minions), while I battled through the armory and courtyard. After that, I teed off for the third time to Santa Rana's palace, where we faced off immediately. This time, Rana was not hidden behind sandbags, or crates, or whathaveyou - he was in plain view! (Okay, maybe it was just me who thought he was hiding the first few times before..) West ported in, and he took out the surrounding frogerale soldiers while I honed in on Rana.

You find yourself nicely situated in a cozy room, filled with stools, barrels of Yum, and Destiny's crew. She insists on navigating up top. You close the door behind you and sit down on a less-comfy barrel. Around the room are many faces of many things. A mouse and a rat sit across the room from one another, not staring one another in the eye. A fox haphazardly shines her Scaramanga musket on her lap, while two primates sit on barrels. In another corner, a Horse Barbarian and green frog fill their mugs with Yum. In the center, on a stool, a masked figure chuckled.
"Rackham has a new acquaintance, I see? Young friend, I am -" Bull horns reflect light in your eyes. "El Toro!" The mouse speaks up.
"It's nice to see that Destiny talks to people, you know. She's always sticking to her crew. Sarah Steele, I'm a swashbuckler like her." You smirk a smile and sit on the floor. "Toro, keep going."
"Oh, yes? Yes! Santa Rana didn't stand a chance against me - El TORO!"
"But Destiny said that ye helped West take out Bucho and the other soldiers."
"Yes, but she couldn't have done it without me - EL TORO!!" You can't help but laugh a little bit.