Rocking Release: A Blogger's Guide

You can say that I've been busy; sure!
Hey, everybody! If we've been in touch, then you know how hard I've been working on my fanfiction piece, and I am busily working towards a page a day - meaning that I could potentially finish in a month! A few back, I had actually bought a "Your Novel in 30 Days" type of book, and here I am (without it) anticipating success! What I'm doing right now is mainly drafting - until I get to a certain set milestone, I'm going to try to avoid plotting. Nonetheless my "alpha" (with the bloggers being "beta") readers have given me great feedback that I can work from.

Also, I am happy to say that even with my blog, my position on KU, Pirate101 and my fan/fiction, I am still doing A.O.K. in my other words, . Things are pretty swell, an di can balance most everything.

Before I start my post, I also wanted to mention the new Wizard101 Pack: The Phoenix (which is NOT a possessive) Hoard - the new KingsIsle Universe W101 News Writer Isaac Stormflame speaks on. (This is also Isaac's first article on the site - grats!)

"A new pack is here! The Phoenix Hoard has arrived. In the pack, you have a CHANCE of getting a Gargoyle Pet, Dragon Lance, pike and spear wands. Also, you can get new Chivalric Armor gear sets, and new pet snacks. More plants like the Boiled Peanut, the Melting Cheese Tree, the Clock Flower, and Snow Apples may grace your inventory. Good luck, and happy pack-picking!


Now, on to the post!

Today's post is one that I have tried to make several times, for several different topics. I have run into problems like accidental stereotyping (I just didn't want to go there), loss of interest (on the normal side), etc. This one I plotted out at, and I feel like it will be a success.
This post is the most helpful to the majority of my readers: bloggers! Because I have been pumping out reader-material by the plot, then why not make something for the writers? Feel free to spawn ideas from this, and to use any of my pics. *If it ever happens, please link to me if you ever quote something here.

Now then, today I'm going to be covering exactly what the title tells you: Rocking Release! I'm going to be covering a few key points as to what would make a good post during Pirate101's Live release. Face it: Anybody who can download the game and has somewhere to do so will be posting about character orientation, and as a blogger, you want to make your post stand out! Also, if you can "sand off" my key points (or for that matter, disc-sand them like you would a toothpick...) enough, you may be able to pick up a good post frame. Note that this may be a little opinionated, and that my method is by far not the only method out there.

When you go read a post, what do you look at first?
A. The background of the blog
B. The author's bio
C. Your e-mail
D. The post title
E. Your next meal

While many of these answers are plausible (and made me hungry), I'm going to focus on D. Why would people look at the post title first? Well, I would enjoy knowing what a post is about before reading the post, or maybe I want to be excited by an interesting title. Either way, make sure that your title isn't too short or too long. You want your readers to know what you'll be writing about, but not everything that will be in the post. Here are examples:

Short: Rocking Release (Two words, but rocking what release? What will be in the post?)
Long: Rocking Release: A Guide For Bloggers About Making Their First Pirate Posts Stand Out (14 words and doesn't fit the dashboard line)
Perfect: Rocking Release: A Blogger's Guide ("Okay, this is new! I know that Destiny will be writing about something for bloggers having to do with a release of some sort.")

I actually went through the first two titles before landing on the third.

What is something in a post that will catch your eye and make you look further than you have read?
A. The word "Contest"
B. The pictures
C. The smell of cotton candy
D. The fly that landed on your screen, making you lose your place
E. Ratbeard

Today I'm going to focus on B: The pictures! If something catches your readers's attention(s), then they'll want to read about it!
Tip: Take unique photos! If you are the 34th person to publish a blog post about character orientation, then there's a chance that the readers will skip over your post unless they see something that stands out. After they're pulled in by the title, the readers who have been through the 33 other posts will automatically look for something interesting. I'll cover this a little more in depth later on, but the pictures you post may be a nice "hook" along with your possible intro.
How to: Take pictures whenever you can. I tried this with my new swash; Dead-eye Destiny Devereaux, and here are my results:
Tavern scene before receiving one of these companions

I had to log off to get back on my raft. 

Epp Ekk Ork Ah Ah!!
(I think that's Troggy for "Do your worst!")

There's no multiple-choice on this one for a reason. With your interesting post title that drew them in and the cleverly snapped pictures that held them down, you need to get to the meat of your post. You can't just throw on rings/amulets/weapons and hope to win against Malistaire/Kane! You need your gear, your strategy, your spells/talents! And of course, you won't win with only wand strikes/standard hits - you need your blades, your assasin's gloom, your mana/mojo! In your post, you need what makes you stand out, whether it's your crazy improvement ideas or knack for guides! For me, it's my quickwrites that I feel are the blue UNIQUE in the picture above, the thing that I want to be known for. Also, I can change my color balance - I'm not just doing one thing with my UNIQUE. I'm writing fiction quickwrites, working on one big project, and might even pick up my poetry again! Your UNIQUE needs to indeed be UNIQUE, and it needs an exclamation. "I'm not the next on the list, I'm ________, and my post is worth reading!"

To tie all of these ideas into the Live release, here are a few ideas to get you going if you need them:

  • Bet You Didn't See That! (Would be more of a picture-y post with things that you just barely caught)
  • What to Know About __________ (A good guide post, should have a few interesting pictures and an interesting scenario.)
  • So, Who's Your Friend? (Maybe a more light-hearted post, of all the interesting companions you can find. Light-hearted can be good - makes a nice cool-off post after a big one.)
Really, if you can make your post yours, then you can draw in readers, definitely! I hope this post helped, and that you can rock the release just as much as I will!

Keep Traveling!


  1. I would actually say the word contest! XD

  2. @Evan - Haha, you do have a very good point - I would actually put that in the title. Thanks for reading!


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