On Quickwrites, Discarded Plots, and More

Hey everyone - it's been a while without a post. I'm sorry for this -  and a sprained wrist have gotten in the way of things. However, I'm going to cut right to the chase today: Why the quickwrites?

Over the past few months, you've seen contest entries, captain's logs, quickwrite series, and several little snippets of P101 fiction writing. Even before that, you've seen W101 projects, with one very sweet success and several snippets of ideas. Today I'm going to unveil another project, and, if you have kept in touch, this one (I promise will work).

Besides that, I want to extend a few very warm welcomes to my friends and accomplices who have started reading: Lindsey, G. Young and Oma! Welcome, welcome; enjoy reading over my posts!

This writing project is the one that I want to make the F2D of this  year (as not to make comparisons), and maybe even submit it to the Pirate101 site if I finish and polish it. So far, I've been tossing around a few ideas:

WHAT IF Destiny Rackham (before-name to be changed when Live arrives) was a spiral-class pirate BEFORE she got captured by the Armada?

  • Idea 1 - What happened before, and intro to next part being shortly after
  • Idea 2 - What happens after, a deeper story more set on emotions than action (though in both I promise a bit of action ;) )
WHAT IF Destiny Rackham meddles with wizards?

  • Since she was raised in GH, she may have gotten glimpses of wizards, and per chance found a sword with witchdoctor-like powers. Being a Swash, she gets herself into a mess with it, still being stubborn enough to tote it.
WHAT IF Destiny Rackham goes undercover?

  • This is plausible: Maybe she goes undercover in the Armada, but has to fight their new persuasive-style tricks meant to rid spies. 
WHAT IF nobody believed her?

  • Well, I just came up with this one, it would be great for someone to help fill the blanks in here. Maybe she saw a (threat) using (something dangerous but unlikely). 
WHAT IF Fin Dorsal joined Destiny's crew and let the Armada in?

  • Is Fin in with Kane, or is he a little too blunt for the Majestic Rogue's crew? 
WHAT IF Destiny had a worse record than depicted in game?

  • Maybe a side part would be the Armada's actions as the one pirate who broke out four times goes on another slightly stubborn adventure.

Nonetheless, you'll be seeing a lot from me! I'm getting a Gandry bundle so I can start playing with a membership, and I'm really excited!

Keep Traveling!