September 3, 2012

Learning a Bit About Polaris and Aquila

Captain's Log - 9/3/12

Today I finally gained enough gut to sail into Valencia, and  wonder why I didn't sooner! With the exception of a Bone Drake that sneaked up on me and nearly boarded - if it weren't for the rest of my fuel - the sailing was pretty smooth. Upon sailing into the Aragon Skyway, I gave the wheel to my best navigator - Ratbeard, go figure - and took a look out. The architecture was pretty practical; heavily armored and guarded, to boot. I was denied access and (I swear) recognized at points. I knew my first destination; a castle-like place on the outskirts - the Sivella. Upon landing, Subodai handed me a disguise, which I hastily changed into. I looked like a freak, one of the Armada freaks to be exact. (A short freak, too.) However, after talking with a civilian, I decided to take a look at the surrounding pedestals, and find out a bit more about our Spiral.

The Sivella
Hello, readers - welcome to another edition of RDR's log as she ventures through the Sivella and learns about two interesting worlds. I agree with her - the sailing was pretty smooth and that she looked like a freak when running around as a clockwork (which, for the record, is a lot better than the monkey disguise). I'm not sure how the NPCs know who's a pirate, who's dangerous, and who's actually alive; but I'll leave that be. 


The first two pedestals were ones that contained history that has been mentioned everywhere; the Marleybonians and folk of Mooshu didn't have much NEW history, nothing that I didn't learn from my crew, Avery, or that one crazy wizard who likes to tour around. The next two (however) were ones that I was interested in - take a look!
The Valencians are a bit self-centered, no?

Sure, sure..

Now THAT is interesting!
(On to Polaris)
Ice Bears? That wizard told me of a "Grizzleheim", a place ruled by them.

Yeah, sure..
Well, I reported back to Bianca who in turn thanked me for my time with a small amount of gold. Following that, I got severely lost. That was fun, actually. After coming upon this point for the fifth time, though, I decided just to world-hop back to Skull Island, to take a breather. 
Keep Traveling!

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  1. Sounda kinda like another underwater world, but who knows, the theme could be anything.


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